October 6 through November 17

!Viva La Lucha!

Painting by Gerald Lopez of a large Mexican wrestler (luchador) wearing a red cape, blue tights, championship wrestling belt with large gold medallion, and blue mask with red design around the eye and red horns. "El Valiente" by Gerald Lopez from the Corpus Christi Loteria Mural.

“El Valiente” by Gerald Lopez

Ladies and Gentlemen,

K Space Contemporary proudly presents !Viva La Lucha!, an art exhibition of epic proportions that focuses on the rich tradition of Mexican freestyle wrestling known as “Lucha Libre”.  Lucha Libre and “Los Luchadores” (the energetic, high-flying, men and women wrestlers who practice this daring art form) have been popular in Mexico since the early 20th century and many “enmascarados” (masked wrestlers) have achieved iconic status as superheroes of the ring and of the movie screen.

Colorful, passionate, skillful and as dramatic as any Mexican daytime novella, Lucha Libre is not only wrestling and entertainment, but a cultural phenomenon that is sweeping the USA and much of the world today. This fantastic art exhibition showcasing artists from all across South Texas, captures the brilliant spirit of Lucha Libre, honors Los Luchadores who practice it and thanks the people who keep its cultural traditions alive. !Viva La Lucha!




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Sindi Alvarado: Mis Favoritos

Sindi Alvarado Schmitt, art is an extension of her soul, her drive and passions. Blending mixed media with colorful ceramics and intertwining them with her Mexican heritage, Sindi creates art that is not only “alegre”, but also “misterioso y encantador”.  She has always challenged her artistic horizon, and this is ever present in her works, from her Mexican and Victorian fusion repurposed vintage jewelry, colorful folkart illustration paintings and her unique hand built ceramic art. To Sindi, symmetry is nonexistent in her style.  She finds perfection in imperfection, put simply, she prefers the “hecho a mano” look.

Her “Mis Favoritos” is a collective creation inspired from her love of everything antique, distressed or patinaed.  She hopes to convey the soulfulness of each piece combined with a nostalgic and eclectic aesthetic. She has incorporated her ceramics in many of the pieces and has combined mixed media techniques with a weathered feel and added hints of Mexican folk and surreal art. A plethora of materials were used to accomplish her collection of the Mis Favoritos boxes which include molding paste, inks, acrylics, mica pigments, canvas and ceramics and of course love and thoughtfulness.