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We no longer accept hand-delivered/mailed CD/DVD or emailed images.  Please use the online application system on this site.  You may, however, snail mail the entry fee (check, money order) if you prefer not to use the PayPal system.  K Space will correct your submission status to “submitted” once payment is received.  Now – on with the prospectus….



June 1: Entry Deadline
June 27: Artists Notified by email
July 16-19, from 11 am to 5 pm: Receiving Hand-Delivered Works
July 18: Shipped Works Due (must arrive between July 9 – 18)
August 1, 5:30 – 9 pm: Exhibition Opening with CC ArtWalk
Sept. 18: Exhibition Closes
Sept. 20, Sept. 24-26, 11 am-5 pm: Pick Up Hand-Delivered works
Sept 24: Begin Returning Shipped Artwork ENTRY INFORMATION

The Third Coast National is a non-thematic, juried exhibition of new works of art from all across the USA. We are simply looking for innovative, interesting contemporary artwork.  This competitive exhibition is now in its 9th year.

Eligibility: Artists age 18+ living in the USA may enter. Works previously exhibited at K Space Contemporary or K Space Art Studios-Hot Spot are not eligible. Entries must be original works of art completed within the last 2 years. Reproductions (giglee’/inkjet prints, high quality copies, offset lithographs) will not be considered. All visual art forms and media are acceptable. Video is accepted if the artist provides the means for it to be viewed (computer, TV screen, monitor) or as part of a sculpture. Complicated installations must be installed by the artist. Failure to comply with the following submission guidelines may disqualify your entry – entry fee will not be refunded.

Size Limitation: Two-dimensional works must not exceed 6 feet in either direction.  Three-dimensional works (and shipping crates) must fit through a 36”x 83” doorway.

2015 Juror – TBA
Awards: $2000+ in Cash awards: Erick Schaudies Memorial Award for Best of Show plus 4 places. Honorable Mentions will be given at the juror’s will.

Sales: All works must be for sale. K Space collects payment and retains 40% commission. INCLUDE GALLERY COMMISSION when pricing your work. Price & label information that you plug into the online entry form is what will be displayed with your work. We do not make changes to information after you have entered it online.

Entry Fee (non-refundable): $40/non-members ($30/members) for up to 3 works of art. Each additional entry is $5. Enter online through our website. The Entry fee can be paid online through PayPal or by mailing a check or money order payable to K Space Contemporary. Your entry is not complete until payment is received.  Paying via PayPal through the online system is automatic.

Paying Entry Fee by Check or Money Order:  If you choose to mail your entry fee, simply close out of the system once you have added all of your images.  Do not click the PayPal button.  All of your information and images remains in the system, but your entry status will remain “not submitted” until K Space receives the payment.  Once payment is received, K Space manually corrects your entry status to “submitted.”  Mail to K Space Contemporary, P.O. Box 545, Corpus Christi, TX 78403.  Mailed entry fees must be postmarked by June 2.

Format: Works are juried from digital images submitted online. Artists may submit one image for each work of art.

Shipping: All shipping costs and liability for damage are the responsibility of the artist. Accepted works must be shipped via UPS in reusable containers. Make sure your name is on your crate in permanent marker on the outside. Do NOT use packing peanuts. Shipped works must arrive at K Space no earlier than July 9 and no later than July 18. Note: Pack your work well with at least 3-4 layers of bubble wrap or surrounded by styrofoam in a sturdy box. Works that arrived in broken or damaged crates will be returned immediately.

Ship Accepted Works to: K Space Contemporary, 415D Starr Street, Corpus Christi, Texas 78401

Return Shipping: A pre-printed shipping label for return shipment must be included with your work OR it must be emailed to info@kspacecontemporary.org by September 15 with SHIPPING LABEL; in the subject line. To create a return shipping label, visit www.ups.com. (you may have to set up an account.) You are not charged for the shipment until it is shipped back to you. If your work is 2D, attached the return shipping label to the back. If your work is 3D, include an envelope with the return shipping label inside your crate where it can be easily identified. If there are specific instructions for return shipping, such as a freight carrier, make a note of it on bright colored paper and staple to the return label.

Hand Delivery: Artists may personally deliver accepted works of art to K Space on dates and times noted in the Calendar.

Selected Works: K Space reserves the right to reject works not represented accurately in the image and description submitted and to refuse works that arrived damaged, are poorly constructed or poorly presented (dirty mats, bulky decorative frames, warped canvases, falling apart sculpture, etc.).

Label: Each accepted work must arrive with proper labeling (name, email address and phone number, title, media, date, retail price) securely attached to the back of frame or bottom of sculpture.

Framing Requirements: Sculpture must be manageable by two people. 2-D works must be properly prepared for exhibition with wire securely attached. Drawings and prints must be framed. Works requiring glazing must use Plexi-glass or equivalent. Only white, off-white or black mats are acceptable. Unframed paintings must be painted around the edges in solid black, white or grey or with continued image. The following will not be accepted: wet paint, clamp/clip frames, fragile frames, glass, colored mats, and thick, bulky, decorative frames not represented in the juried image as part of the work of art.

Insurance: Works are not insured while on display. The gallery is climate controlled and protected by an alarm system. K Space will take precautions to protect the artwork at all times but will not be responsible for loss or damage. We recommend that you insure your work if you so choose. K Space will not assume any liability for the preservation of artwork that is vulnerable to changes in temperature and humidity due to the Corpus Christi climate.

Abandoned Works: Works left at K Space Contemporary 60 days after the last day of the exhibition will be considered ABANDONED. Abandoned works will become the property of K Space Contemporary, which will dispose of, sell, or give away the works with no compensation to the artist.

Agreement: By submitting your entries and paying the entry fee, you agree to the terms stated above.

Mailing address: K Space Contemporary, P.O. Box 545, Corpus Christi, Texas 78403






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