A curated space for local artisans

K Space Contemporary is currently seeking artists, artisans, and designers to fill the K Space Contemporary Consignment Shop. We are proud of our local creatives and want to expose tourists and locals alike to fabulous talent in Coastal Bend. The role of our Consignment Shop is to help artists and artisans create a thriving business. We are accepting applications for items that are handcrafted or designed locally. (We do not accept “resell” items.)

Note to FINE ARTISTS: to be considered for an exhibition in one of our galleries, please visit Submit your Work for guidelines and submission form. Hover over Calls for Artists to participate in upcoming group exhibitions.

Thank you for your interest in being a vendor in K Space Contemporary’s Consignment Shop. Before you apply, please read through our terms and requirements below.

When you are ready to apply, click the button below.

Consignment Shop Application Form 

Terms of Consignment and Shelf Rental

To apply to be a vendor, fill out the simple online application form. If accepted, a K Space Contemporary (KSC) representative will contact you and work with you to set up your products in the store. We offer two agreements to help you grow your business.

Option 1 – 30/70 Consignment:

Under the 30/70 agreement, artists/artisans do not pay a monthly fee.  KSC retains a 30% commission and pays consignors 70% from each sale.

  • KSC curates items into our Consignment Shop based upon available space and our need for certain types of products. If our displays are full, we will not be able to accept new items until space becomes available.
  • Your products are mixed in with other like items.
  • Benefits of Consignment to the vendor:
    • No upfront cost
    • Consignment is usually a better deal than wholesale because artists keep a larger percentage.
    • KSC provides the displays. All you do is create, label/price, and drop off your items along with your consignment agreement and inventory sheet. We take care of the rest.

Option 2 – Shelf Rental

The Rental Option requires a rental fee due at the beginning of each month, plus KSC retains 10% commission on each item sold. Space availability is limited. Shelf sizes and rental rates vary – see Rental Fees below.

  • Once selected, you may choose from a variety of spaces to fit your budget.
  • Displays – artists provide their own displays as in a fair booth or their own shop.
  • Artists are responsible for setting up their own merchandise. KSC reserves the right to relocate your shelf for curatorial purposes.
  • Restock by appointment on Wednesdays between 11 am – 5 pm or make an appointment on Thursday between 5 and 7 pm
  • Rental Fees are due on the 1st of each month. KSC will send an invoice to the email provided. Currently, we do not offer the option to take your booth fees out of your check


Benefits of Shelf Rental:

  • Lower Commission
  • More space for your products in the shop
  • Control over how your items are displayed
  • Build brand awareness by displaying your logo in your shelf space

Rental Fees & Space Sizes:

Special Introductory Rate – Good Through November 2020:

  • 4’ shelf on the slatwall – apprx. 2’ height = $10 per month
  • 2’w x 4’h space on end of gondala – $10
  • 21” w x 5’ h on tall gondala – $10
  • 4’w  x 2’h space at the top of the wall for 2D artwork – $10 (Works must be wired)
  • 3’ x 6’, 4’ x 4.5’ (18 sq. feet above slatwall on left as you enter gallery) – $30


  • Each Vendor is required to be a current member of K Space Contemporary. Join Here.
  • Once you have been accepted, please stock only the items selected and approved by KSC. Any other items will be pulled and stored until you can pick them up.
  • Space is limited, so we only accept small items.
  • The number of consignors per category (jewelry, art, ceramics, etc.) is limited.
  • If we do not have space for your items when you apply, your application will remain on a Wait-List. KSC will contact artists/artisans as space becomes available.
  • You may re-apply once every 6 months.
  • FINE ART: Fine artists may apply to the Consignment Shop to sell small works no larger than 20 inches in either direction.

NOTE TO VISUAL ARTISTS – If you wish to exhibit in our art galleries: Hover over “Calls for Artists” in the content headings at the top of this webpage. The drop-down menu lists upcoming juried and member exhibitions. Click to see entry instructions. To apply for a solo show, click Submit Your Work 

Products, Prices, and Inventory

This may change if we get the SKU gun and print labels.

  • CONSIGNOR ID: KSC will assign each vendor a Consignor ID number.
  • LABEL PRODUCTS: Vendors must label each product with Consignor ID, Initials, and Retail Price before bringing them into the store. Your products must be labeled to get credit for the sale.
  • PACKAGING: Vendors are responsible for packaging where needed. Paper artworks must be placed in plastic sleeves with a matboard to protect the work.
  • INVENTORY:  KSC will inventory your products in our Square payment system.
    • Every product that you deliver must be inventoried by our staff at the time of drop off. We will print the inventory list. Both you and the KSC representative will sign it to indicate that items and quantities are correct.
      • When you come in to change inventory, FIRST request a printed copy of current items, BEFORE you switch out your inventory.
      • When you pick up your work, we will do a final inventory of the products returned to you.
      • KSC will assume partial responsibility for theft, damaged, and lost products that we inventoried. You will be paid 50% of the retail price for every item you delivered, minus the products you take back, based upon what our point-of-sale system shows.
      • IMPORTANT: ANYTIME that you pick up or change out some or all of your products: Be sure to have KSC staff adjust your inventory.
      • If you do not inventory your items: You are responsible for any lost or stolen goods.
  • SECURITY: We do our best to maintain a secure store. The store is locked securely after hours and has an alarm system.
  • COMPLIANCE: Products you bring to the store must comply with all applicable local, state, and federal laws for the type of products you offer. It is your responsibility to know which laws apply to your products and to ensure that your products are in compliance with all copyright, food handling, labeling, labor, and any other laws, rules, or regulations that apply. Products discovered to be in violation will be removed from the store immediately.

Setup & Product Drop off

  • Vendors may Set up or restock their shelf space on Thursdays from 11 am to 5 pm. If you cannot come during that time, contact Nichole Schiller at 361-887-6834 to make an appointment.
  • The following items are required at the first-time setup for shelf vendors and product drop off for consignment vendors:
    • Rental Fee (for Shelf Rental vendors only)
    • Payment/Direct Deposit Form – All vendor payments will be made by PayPal or Direct Deposit. For Direct Deposit, submit a stapled, voided check with this form or a direct deposit printout from your bank.
    • Consignment Agreement: Review our Consignment Agreement  The agreement must be signed by you and a KSC staff member. COMING SOON
    • W9 Form – A completed IRS Form W9 for the current calendar year is required.
    • Product Inventory List: KSC Staff will enter your items into our Square system, check quantities, and print it to attach to your consignment agreement.


  • Our largest crowds occur during the monthly First Friday ArtWalks, so be sure to re-stock by the Thursday before. We do not allow vendors to set-up, change-out, or re-stock on First Fridays.
  • Vendors may re-stock only once per month.
  • Vendors may Set up, change out, or re-stock on Thursdays between 11 am – 5 pm. If you cannot come in during this time, contact Nichole Schiller at 361-887-6834 to make an appointment.
  • If we notice that a vendor’s items are selling, we will send a message to bring in more items.
  • Shelf consignors are responsible for keeping their spaces stocked and tidy.
  • Rental Shelf products must be changed out or re-stocked at least once every 3 months.


  • Vendors may be spotlighted on our blog, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest while their products are for sale in our store.
  • When we have events at K Space Contemporary we will share graphics via email for you to share on your social media. We encourage you to share these on your social media accounts to increase traffic to the store and sales.


  • Net Earnings exceeding $10 are paid monthly the last week of each month.
  • KSC will send a monthly statement of your sales by email.
  • Select your preferred manner of payment on the Payment Form:
    • Direct Deposit – complete the Direct Deposit form and attach a voided check.
    • PayPal – Provide us with your email address associated with your PayPal account.


  • All vendors must submit an Internal Revenue Service (IRS) W-9 form each year. KSC will not pay net earnings to vendors until we receive the W9.
  • Sales tax will be collected through the central checkout and paid by KSC to the required agencies. One less thing for you to do!
  • You will be issued a receipt for your rental payment. This business expense can be submitted with your tax return.

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