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K Space Art Studios operates independently from K Space Contemporary. K Space Contemporary (the 501c3 non-profit organization) was founded by K Space Art Studio members, so although the businesses are separate, the two entities remain connected through friendship, camaraderie, and the love of art.  K Space Art Studios is a cooperative space managed by long-time studio artists Gerald Lopez, Jimmy Pena, and Day Wheeler who are responsible for reviewing and selecting artists and scheduling or creating exhibitions in the Schaudies Gallery.  Therefore, to rent studio space or to exhibit in the Schaudies Gallery, artists must contact K Space Art Studios as outlined below.


K Space Art Studios accepts contemporary visual artists in all media. A Portfolio Review is required. Artists must be age 21+. Studio artists have access to their studios 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. K Space Art Studios are open monthly for the downtown ArtWalk. Additional exhibition opportunities are available in the Schaudies Gallery.

Studio Fees + Deposit due when signing Rental Agreement/Lease

  • $50/mo. half-space size 8ʼx16ʼ (Deposit of $50)
  • $100/mo. full space size 16ʼx16′ (Deposit of $50)


Portfolio Review Required

Submit your portfolio by email:

  1. Put “Studio Application” in the subject line.
  2. State the reason for your email and include a link to your website in the email or a link to a Facebook photo album or another online portfolio.
  3. Artist Statement & Bio – attach (pdf, doc, Docx) to email if they are not on your website.
  4. Images – If you do not have a website link for your images, compile images into a PowerPoint Presentation and email the ppt.
  5. Include your name and phone number.

For studio tour,  inquiries or to submit your portfolio information, email:

Gerald Lopez, kspaceartstudio@gmail.com

Expect 5-10 business days for a formal response. Additional information may be requested.



Schaudies Gallery, 3rd-floor gallery inside K Space Art Studios, is available for rent.

The Schaudies Gallery at the K Space Art Studios is named after our founders, Erick and Raychelle Schaudies, who started K Space Art Studios in 1995. For over 20 years now, K Space Art Studios has been dedicated to presenting local, area, and regional artists in the Schaudies Gallery and to promoting inventive and innovative contemporary art exhibitions.

There is no annual deadline for submissions. To apply for an exhibition, please follow the Portfolio Review instructions above.

For tour, inquires or to submit your portfolio for consideration, email:

Gerald Lopez, kspaceartstudio@gmail.com

Thank you for considering the Schaudies Gallery and we hope to see your proposal/work soon!