Becky Smith

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Keep America Strong

May 1st - June 5th, 2020

I have been doing “found art” for about 20 years.  I collect oddities from my walk in life…literally.  I’ve always got my head down, picking up bird eggs, nests, metal, wood.  I have quite an inventory in my home studio.  Garage sales, estate sales, small unique shops.  I open up my front door and someone will have left a small skull.  People leave their finds for me to turn into art.   

I am self-taught but come from a family of craftsmen.  

When I was just a kid, I wanted a house that was bursting at its seams with art. I’m there!  I now sell at 20/20 Vintage.  Here at KSpace.  And my art is always available on Instagram.

Keep America Strong by Becky Smith

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