“So She Says”

Graphite, Crayon, Watercolor, Ink


K Space Studio Artist 1995-1997

Deborah is the Curator of Exhibitions for the Art Museum of South Texas and her tenure correlates with the opening K-Space. She received her BFA in 1987 and her MA in 2006. Her urge to create sometimes goes dormant, but not for too long, and often is satisfied by communicating with friends and family with hand-painted postcards.

During the Covid-19 shutdown Deborah and her husband Jim excavated their stressed lawn and replaced part of it with a butterfly garden. This also provided opportunity to grow and harvest herbs, vegetables, and the occasional citrus to create meals from the immediate outdoors. 

Returning to graduate school so many years after gaining her undergraduate BFA, proved to be enlightening in more ways than one. Deborah’s favorite part of being a curator is to talk with artists, install, and write about art. She has the urge to get people together, travel. make art and organize exhibitions and this has sustained her creative impulses. However, the desire to be in the moment, and responding to a developing project never goes away.


Deborah R. Fullerton, So She Says, K-Space Contemporary

The 25th Anniversary exhibition is on display from December 4th, 2020 through January 22nd, 2021.