Hannah Lindo

Hannah Lindo - Everything and Nothing. Third Coast National Biennial 2020. K Space Contemporary

Currently based in Lawrence, Kansas, Hannah Lindo is an MFA student at the University of Kansas where she is continuing her knowledge of oil painting. She has lived her whole life in the flat, dry lands of South-West Kansas and until 2019 had never experienced living somewhere so green and full of life, as Lawrence. This new appreciation for discovery coupled with her interest in self-identity and the human form has created works that shift in-between times, memories, and discovery.

The feeling of becoming lost in something that was either once familiar or brand new can become a thrilling or overwhelming state to be in. With a new atmosphere surrounding you, wonder and excitement take over and exploration begins. New paths of past and future travel emerge and entice you to meander to places you have never been, a sense of freedom and courageousness direct your mind. Then at a certain point, reality interferes to remind you that while this state is beautiful it is also unknown and dangerous to stay in for too long. A sharp feeling of silence hits you before you notice the noise that once was a pleasant melody is now a frenzied racket. Both states of mind could not exist or be appreciated without the other. Finding a coincidence in the opposites is where the beauty lies.

Tell us about the work you have in this exhibition.

Hannah Lindo, third Coast National, K Space Contemporary

Everything and Nothing
60″ x 48″
Oil on panel

My piece, Everything and Nothing, is a single moment of multiple times, memories, and discovery, existing at once. It’s the transition of one state of mind to another and witnessing that shift happen. Pieces are familiar but become skewed and create an almost uneasy feeling when you notice something that you hadn’t seen before.

What draws you to your chosen medium, what do you love about it?

My process includes a lot of ugly painting before anything starts to take form. I begin with thin layers of paint (either acrylic or oil, depends on the day) and wash over the surface to eliminate the bare white gesso that seems intimidating and start playing. I usually need a few days to build the color up, getting thicker as I go. A lot of times I am trying to let my eye dance with color until I decide to play devil’s advocate and sabotage something that will “need to be fixed”. I think this act of destroying something or forcing yourself to get out of your comfort zone is very necessary and exciting. I will either go in with a razor blade and scrape out sections, take paper or rags and smear areas, or start to take colors that I wouldn’t think to use and splotch them around. I think that the more experimenting and discovery I can find in the process the better the work will be. I love oil paint for this because it gives me the push and pull, I am looking for. It still boggles my mind that I can take colorful mud and create something with it that can be shared.

What inspires you to make art?

I am inspired to make art from the small things I notice and experience in my life. Nature has taken over my eye and I can’t enough of feeling the sun on my skin or my eye being flooded by green. I often go on walks to calm my mind and escape the craziness of the world and maybe after an hour or so fatigue creeps in and sometimes the excitement is met with looming anxiety. So, this transition of carefreeness to extreme worry, and vice versa, in my mind really interests me. I am always questioning my thought process and have been interested in the psychology of experiences and how we react. I am very inspired by and love the paintings of artists such as Jenny Saville, Cecily Brown, Per Kirkeby, and Brian Rutenberg.

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