Members Only Winners

Kevin Schuster Photography, K Space Contemporary

2020 Members Only Exhibition

On Friday, June 5th, in a live virtual event broadcast on K Space Contemporary’s Facebook pages, we announced the winners of the 2020 Members Only Exhibition. MEMBERS ONLY was curated by the K Space Exhibition Committee a team of professional artists and art instructors, including Jennifer Arnold, Meg Aubrey, Eric Cuevas, Kerstin Dale, Payton Koranek, Gerald Lopez, Jimmy Peña, Lars Roeder, Greg Reuter, and Day Wheeler.

As our first completely online exhibition, we are proud to exhibit so many talented artists in the Members Only exhibition. Awards include a solo exhibition at K Space Contemporary in 2021 for the Best of Show winner and a 2-person exhibition for the Second and Third Place winners.

Awards are presented as follows:

Honorable Mention

I’ll let you be in my dreams if I can be in yours by Barbra Riley
Barbra Riley
“I’ll let you be in my dreams if I can be in yours”
Tracey Meyer Featured Image
Tracey Meyer “Untitled Ceramic 1”

Ricardo Ruiz Featured Image
Ricardo Ruiz
“The Year of Restlessness”

3rd Place

Elena Rodz Featured Image
Elena Rodz “Hiding Spot”

2nd Place

Tony Armadillo Featured Image
Tony Armadillo “Deported to Danger and No One Gives a Damn”

First Place

Kevin Schuster Photography, K Space Contemporary
Kevin Schuster “KAYLYN”

We look forward to hosting the winning artists next year. To see the entire exhibition visit: A slideshow is available on our YouTube channel here: Individual mages selected for the exhibition are also posted on Instagram and Facebook – @kspacecontemporary. The exhibition will remain online indefinitely.

Special Thanks to all of the Members Only participants and the K Space Contemporary Exhibition Committee. Congratulations to the 2020 Members Only winners!

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