Steve Knight

Steve Knight - Moonrise Ranchos de Taos .Third Coast National Biennial 2020. K Space Contemporary

Though I started in photography some 45 years ago, life, as we all know, has a way of redirecting your travels. After I retired several years ago, I purchased a digital camera and the old passion returned. Since then my work has been purchased for several private collections and has been selected for over 60 exhibitions.

Tell us about the work(s) you have in this exhibition.

Steve Knight, Third Coast National, K Space Contemporary

Moonrise Ranchos de Taos
20″ x 26″ framed
Archival Inkjet Print

This photograph, “Moonrise Ranchos de Taos”, is an image of the iconic San Francisco de Asis Mission Church photographed by Paul Strand and painted by Georgia O’Keeffe 90 years ago. On this particular evening the position of the rising moon and the light from the setting sun we absolutely perfect. I was able to create the photograph exactly as I pictured it in my mind’s eye when I snapped the shutter.

What draws you to your chosen medium, what do you love about it?

I take the images with digital cameras and then create the photograph using both Lightroom and Photoshop. The reason I love photography, and this my sound a bit strange, is because it is inherently mendacious. Any photograph is fraction of a second in time pulled completely out of context with no true frame of reference. Though always a creation of the photographer, the creator’s intent is irrelevant. By sparking a conversation, reviving a memory or eliciting an emotion the individual viewing the photograph creates their own truth.

What inspires you to make art?

My artist wife inspires me. Her creative energy is boundless. Hopefully I’m close enough to absorb some of it.

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