The Third Coast National Biennial is a juried exhibition of new works of art from all over the USA.  208 entrants submited 609 works of art for consideration. Juror Rigoberto Luna selected 60 works of art for the 2020 exhibition, which will be displayed at K Space Contemporary, September 4 – October 2, 2020.

2020 Juror – Rigoberto Luna

Rigoberto Luna is a native of San Antonio, Texas, where he is the Co-founder and Exhibitions Curator of the Presa House Gallery. Since 2010 Luna has developed numerous exhibitions with a heavy focus on Latinx artists of Central and South Texas. Recently Luna served on the curatorial panel for the Third Annual Tito’s Prize (2020) at Big Medium in Austin, Texas. Major curatorial projects include Ctrl+A, at K Space Contemporary in Corpus Christi, TX (2018); Entre La Sombra: Life Along the Missions, a collaboration with The City of San Antonio’s Department of Arts & Culture World Heritage Office and the Office of Historic Preservation (2017).

2020 Third Coast Biennial – Selected Works

Congratulations to all Selected Artists!

Please see Prospectus for shipping and delivery instructions.

  1. Jessica Alazraki (NY, NY), Strawberry Cake
  2. Cody Arnall (Lubbock, TX), When You’re Done Dying 
  3. Meg Aubrey (Corpus Christi, TX), Pink
  4. Ed Barr (Dallas, TX), Father – Son in Black Rubber
  5.  Jennifer Battaglia (Houston, TX), You Look Tired
  6. Shawn Camp (Austin, TX), The Arsenal of Democracy
  7. Annie Campbell (Springfield, MO), Neuropathy of Fear
  8. Annie Campbell (Springfield, MO), Let it be Over 
  9. Alexandria Canchola (Corpus Christi, TX), All My Life I thought I’d Change 
  10. Eliseo Casiano (Baton Rouge, LA), Blanket
  11. Alyssa Chi (Lewisville, TX), Bloomer (Ode to Amelia)
  12. John Chinn (Lubbock, TX), Taiban 4: The Truth About Eternity
  13. Jeanne Ciravolo (Hamden, CT), Hope
  14. B Shawn Cox (Austin, TX), Modulated Narratives of Heroes and Humor 
  15. Erin Cunningham (Austin, TX), Press Fit #1 
  16. Jack Delaney (Tyler, TX), Mild Oats
  17. Jack Delaney (Tyler, TX), Your Brother’s Blood
  18. Adrian Delgado (Richmond, CA), Window 1
  19. Adrian Delgado (Richmond, CA), Essential Workers 
  20. Roslyn Dupre (Houston, TX), Window, woven 
  21. Sidney Edwards (NY, NY), Leaving
  22. Tere Garcia (Houston, TX), Untitled VI 
  23. Cassie Gnehm (San Antonio, TX), You Should Smile More 
  24. Emanuela Harris Sintamarian (Oakland, CA), Let Them Believe, Let Them Have a Laugh at Their Passions 
  25. Emanuela Harris Sintamarian (Oakland, CA), Forgotten Corners
  26. Brian Johnson (Austin, TX), #138A
  27. Wayne King (Rumney, NH), Home Before the Storm 
  28. Steve Knight (Baytown, TX), Moonrise Ranchos de Taos
  29. Nancy Lamb (Westworth Village, TX), Magenta Noir 
  30. Chantal Lesley (Austin, TX), Anything But Brown I

31. Chantal Lesley (Austin, TX), Anything But Brown II     

  1. Chantal Lesley (Austin, TX), Anything But Brown III
  2. Chantal Lesley (Austin, TX), Anything But Brown IV
  3. Hannah Lindo (Lawrence, KS), Everything and Nothing
  4. Gerald Lopez (Corpus Christi, TX), Family Pack 
  5. Alejandro Macias (Brownsville, TX), What Were Their Names? 
  6. Asia Mathis (Nashville, TN), The Traveler 
  7. Revi Meicler (Austin, TX), Hope II
  8.  Mihee Nahm (Grand Prairie, TX), Puddles 
  9. Joe Pena (Corpus Christi, TX), August, Late Evening
  10. Jaylen Pigford (Houston, TX), The Blessings
  11. Chad Rea (Austin, TX), American Flag
  12. Chad Rea (Austin, TX), USA! USA! USA!
  13. Noe Rios (McAllen, TX), El Encargo
  14. Winter Rusiloski (Lakeside, TX), Looking for Tires
  15. Gary Setzer (Tucson, AZ), A Convenient Artwork
  16. H. Jennings Sheffield (McGregor, TX), 6:00am – 8:00am (Dec. 1, Sept. 14, Aug. 30, Dec. 2, Nov. 26)
  17. H. Jennings Sheffield (McGregor, TX), Keeping Loved Ones Close
  18. Whitney Stanley (Durham, NC), Untitled/Comfort Ride 
  19. Su Su (Pittsburgh, PA), Humphrey Bogart 
  20. Su Su (Pittsburgh, PA), James Cagney 
  21. Ashton Thornhill (Lubbock, TX), Bledsoe Gin 
  22. Jesus Trevino (Brownsville, TX), Crossing Near Morrison Rd
  23. Jesus Trevino (Brownsville, TX), Venus in Floral 
  24. Christopher Troutman (Beaumont, TX), Rebuilding in Oita 
  25. Jose Villalobos (San Antonio, TX), We Have Always Been
  26. Wendy Yamilett (Austin, TX), Their Eyes 
  27. Angie Zielinski (Tucson, AZ), Below and Between 
  28. Angie Zielinski (Tucson, AZ), Standing Still
  29. Hannah Zimmerman (Cincinnati, OH), I Said Too Much or Maybe Not Quite Enough


July 1: Entry Deadline

July 31: Artists Notified by email

August 12-15, 19-21, 11 am to 5 pm: Receiving Hand-Delivered works

August 21: Shipped works due (Works must arrive between August 12 and August 21)

Sept. 4, 5:30 – 9 pm: Exhibition Opening with CC ArtWalk

Oct. 2: Last day of show/ ArtWalk Closing

Oct. 3, Oct. 7-10, 11am to 5 pm: Pick Up Hand-Delivered works

Oct. 5: Begin returning shipped works