Past and Present K Space Studio Artists

25th Anniversary Exhibition Information for Participants

Everything is still ON!  We are going forward with the exhibition, ArtWalk opening, and an after-party in the studios. We will wear masks, practice social distancing, and limit number of visitors in the gallery. Plus, we have hand sanitizer sitting everywhere.  The after-party is open only to current and former K Space artists and their significant others (no general public).


November 20: Works are due at K Space Contemporary. Receiving works during regular hours Nov. 11-20, Wed- Sat., 11am to 5 pm. (1 piece 48” or smaller AND a Sample Sale piece – 3 1/2” x 5 3/8”). Even if you cannot come in person, you can ship your work.
November 28, 11am to 5 pm: K Space Contemporary open for Shop Small Saturday and Peppermint Lane in Downtown CC
December 4, 2020, 6 to 9 pm – ArtWalk and Opening Reception for the 25th Anniversary Exhibition
9 pm to ??? – After-party in K Space Art Studios.
December 4 – January 22: Exhibition Dates
January 23: Exhibition Committee Strikes Show.

New Development: We are now working with La Palmera Mall to exhibit art in an empty store converted into a gallery. I have asked them if we can show the 25th Anniversary show there after it comes down. If they approve (and you are fine with it), we would show your work for an additional two months at the mall. I will be in touch with further details as they become available.


Labeling: We’d like to place a “Where art they now?” label with your work. Below, I’m attaching a link to a Google Form where you can put a few lines about yourself and the label information for your work. Please write your short bio in third person and limit your info to 250 words or less.
25-day Art Challenge for the 25th Anniversary of KSAS: Another Part of this event is an art challenge on our Education page @KSpaceArtLab on Instagram. On @KSpaceArtLab, we post daily art-making prompts and our artists/instructors do live lessons and demos. (Check it out to see what we’ve been doing.) We are doing a “25-day Art Challenge for to celebrate 25 years of K Space Art Studios” Nov. 29 – Dec. 23.  We invite you to teach a Live Lesson or Demo for the Art Lab. If you’d like to do an LIVE, you can indicate your lesson idea and a Word Prompt that goes along with it in the Google Form. We pay each artist who does a Live $50 for a 30-minute lesson/demo. You can do any art process that you wish, something that speaks to teens and adults. Just keep the presentation clean (no cussing or profane clothing). This is a multi-level Art Education project and many of our followers are our Mural Arts teens. We will send detailed instructions and Lori Edwards will be available to help you through it.

Participating Artists:  Please be sure to complete the Google Form here by November 20th:   

We are really looking forward to seeing you!  If you have any questions, feel free to call the gallery (Hours- Wed – Sat, 11am to 5 pm) at 361-887-6834.

Participation is by Invitation only to former and current K Space Studio Artists – artists who have rented studio space.

1. Each artist may submit 1 piece that is 48″ or smaller, and one small work size 3 1/2″ x 5 3/8″ for the Sample Sale group piece. 
2. New Work: Works must be completed within the past 2 years and not previously exhibited at K Space Contemporary or K Space Art Studios/Schaudies Gallery.
3. Media: All visual art media are acceptable.
4. Size Limit: 2D works must be no wider than 48”. Sculpture must be manageable by two people.
5. Framing: 2-D works must be properly prepared for exhibition with wire securely attached. Use only white, off-white or black mats and simple neutral frames. Unframed paintings must be gallery wrapped (sides painted with continued image, black or neutral color). We do not accept: wet paint, clamp/clip/fragile frames, colored mats, or thick, bulky, decorative frames that are not part of the work of art.
6. Pricing: K Space Contemporary retains 40% commission on works sold. Include commission when pricing your work.
7. Label your work!!! Attach a label to each work of art including: Name, Email or Phone, Title, Media, and Retail Price (include 40% commission when pricing your work).

Please Fill out the Google Form located here:

If you hand deliver your work, you will need to sign it in on the clipboard at the front desk.

8. Delivery/Shipping: Artists are responsible for delivering their artwork to and from the gallery, including any shipping costs incurred.
9. ABANDONED WORKS: Works of art left at K Space Contemporary 60 days after the last day of the exhibition are considered ABANDONED. Abandoned works become the property of K Space Contemporary and will be sold, given away or disposed of without compensation to the artist.