Call for Artists – !Viva La Lucha!

!Viva La Lucha!

Painting by Gerald Lopez of a large Mexican wrestler (luchador) wearing a red cape, blue tights, championship wrestling belt with large gold medallion, and blue mask with red design around the eye and red horns. "El Valiente" by Gerald Lopez from the Corpus Christi Loteria Mural.

“El Valiente” by Gerald Lopez

Ladies and Gentlemen,

K Space Contemporary proudly presents !Viva La Lucha!, an art exhibition of epic proportions that focuses on the rich tradition of Mexican freestyle wrestling known as “Lucha Libre”.  Lucha Libre and “Los Luchadores” (the energetic, high-flying, men and women wrestlers who practice this daring art form) have been popular in Mexico since the early 20th century and many “enmascarados” (masked wrestlers) have achieved iconic status as superheroes of the ring and of the movie screen.

Colorful, passionate, skillful and as dramatic as any Mexican daytime novella, Lucha Libre is not only wrestling and entertainment, but a cultural phenomenon that is sweeping the USA and much of the world today. This fantastic art exhibition showcasing artists from all across South Texas, will capture the brilliant spirit of Lucha Libre, honor Los Luchadores who practice it and thank the people who keep its cultural traditions alive. !Viva La Lucha!

Register: Send an email with “Viva La Lucha” in the subject line to by Sept. 15. Include your name and how many works you are submitting.


  1. Open to All – must be (or become) a member of K Space Contemporary. Memberships start at $20.  Join online: 
  2. Restrictions: K Space Contemporary reserves the right to reject works of art that do not comply with the theme and/or guidelines. Works exhibited at K Space Contemporary within the past 2 years are not eligible.
  3. !Viva La Lucha! is a thematic exhibition: works must include subject matter fitting the theme described above – Lucha Libre – Mexican wrestling and wrestlers.
  4. Each artist may submit 1-2 works. Note: The number of 3D works allowed is limited. If submitting 3D work, include dimensions in your email. We will place a notice on the website once 3D space is filled.
  5. Media: All visual art media are acceptable.
  6. Size: 2D works must be no larger than 48” in either direction. Sculpture must be manageable by two people.
  7. Framing:2-D works must be properly prepared for exhibition with wire securely attached. Use only white, off-white or black mats and simple neutral frames. Unframed paintings must be gallery wrapped (sides painted with continued image, black or neutral color). We do not accept: wet paint, clamp/clip/fragile frames, colored mats, or thick, bulky, decorative frames that are not part of the work of art.
  8. Pricing: K Space retains 40% commission on works sold. Include commission when pricing your work.
  9. Label your work!!! Attach a label to each work of art including name, contact email or phone, title, media, and retail price. Register each piece on the List of Works at the front desk.
  10. Delivery/Shipping: Artists are responsible for delivering their artwork to and from the gallery, including any shipping costs incurred.
  11. Late Pick-up:Works that are not picked up by the last date noted in the calendar, are charged a $3 per day storage fee. Works left at K Space Contemporary 60 days after the last day of the exhibition are considered ABANDONED. Abandoned works will be sold, given away or disposed of with no compensation to the artist.


  • Sept. 29:  Works Due at K Space
  • Oct. 6: Opening reception with ArtWalk
  • Oct. 28: Dia de los Muertos Festival
  • Oct. 6 – Nov. 17:  Exhibition Dates
  • Nov. 18 and Nov. 25, 11 am to 5 pm:  Pick up artwork

Portrait of a female wrestler (luchadora) wearing blue mask with red and yellow decoration. The woman has green eyes and auburn pigtails. She is set against a gold and white decorative wallpaper. Viva La Lucha!

“Green-Eyed Luchadora” by Gerald Lopez