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Cigar Box show

April 2nd – May 20th, 2021

K Space Contemporary is pleased to announce a new art exhibition: The Cigar Box Show. The exhibition features reimagined, reconstructed, and redesigned cigar boxes by over 60 local and regional artists. 

Last year, hundreds of cigar boxes were donated to K Space Contemporary. They came in all shapes and sizes – large, small, most made of wood, some metal, some cardboard and some with small compartments, a few built for only one cigar. The gift was a treasure trove of creative possibilities! We put the word out and over sixty artists answered the call by painting, collaging, and drawing on them, breaking them apart, carving into the wood, adding found objects or ceramic components, or reforming them into sculpture.  

Participating artists (at time of printing) include Cynthia Alvarez, Tiffany Anderson, Tony Armadillo, Jennifer Arnold, Mark Aubrey, Meg Aubrey, Loring Baker, Courtney Bracco, Elizabeth Bryson, Amy Burkart, Amanda Burns, Zeth Carrillo, Michael Casarez, Jalyn Casarez, Whitney Castillo, Taylor Cravey, Amy Curran, Javier Esquivel, Irma Garcia, Omar Gonzalez, Renee Graham, Nola Guajardo, Matthew Guillen, Jenifer Hartsfield, Bailee Hazelwood, Laura Jimenez, Louis Katz, Masha Keen, Payton Koranek, Andrea Labrador, Kathleen Mekailek, Carole Mauch, Catrina Mitchell, Jenna Muscarella, Cheryl Votzmeyer, Gerald Lopez, Marnie Long, Philana Oliphant, James R. Pace, Rachel Payne, Matt Peterson, Shelly Porter, Gabe Prusmack, David Ramirez, David Reichenbacher, Elise Reichenbacher, Patricia Reinhardt, Clay Reuter, Greg Reuter, Lars Roeder, Henry Rogers, Julie Rogers, Ricardo Ruiz, Marisa Sanchez, Kelly Schaub, Becky Smith, Eugene Soliz, Jamie Speck, John Speck, Amy Sullivan, Lyra Suttle, Ashley Thomas, Andrea Valenti, Nora Verdin, Day Wheeler, Debra Williams, Sarah Wright