March 2 through April 27, 2018


Leticia Bajuyo, DiscArt, K Space Contemporary


CD Sculpture Workshops: 10 am – 4 pm, March 15, 16, 17:  FREE, Come-and-Go attendance. Take part in the evolution of this exhibition!

Edge Friction by Leticia Bajuyo is a site-specific installation of large-scale, interactive walls, ceilings, horns and tubes made primarily of CD’s and DVD’s. The memory discs are woven together to create a CD “fabric,” which is attached to aluminum or wooden frames to form various shapes. The shimmering structures are suspended from the ceiling, attached to false walls and wheels, or simply hung on the wall.  Interactive audio elements and computer controlled lights heighten the experience. Bajuyo will present gallery talks and workshops throughout the run of the show. Edge Friction will evolve into a new shape to be unveiled during ArtWalk on April 6th.

Bajuyo is Assistant Professor of Sculpture at Texas A&M – Corpus Christi, Texas.  Recent projects by Bajuyo include a permanent, ceiling suspended sculpture in the main corridor between the galleries of the South Bend Museum of Art in South Bend, Indiana; a sixty-foot long sculptural wall in the entrance to the Indiana State Museum in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana; and a skylight installation at the International Airport in Nashville Tennessee.

March 2 – 30, 2018

Barbara Tharas, ArtCC, KSpaceContemporary

In the Gift Shop


Barbara Lane Tharas identifies universal human conditions that are sources of undeserved shame. She then deprecates such sources so that they become psychologically manageable. Tharas empowers her viewer with humor, encouraging one to find freedom, self-actualization, and personal progress in shamelessness.

Sunstroke, PaytonKoranek, LarsRoeder, KSpace, ArtStudios, ArtCCIn the Schaudies Gallery


The Schaudies Gallery is proud to exhibit new work by Payton Koranek and Lars Roeder, March 2nd-25th!

Inspired by travels through the American Southwest, “Sunstroke” combines works of ceramics and relief printmaking to create an enveloping installation and impart a sense of light and space reminiscent of the desert region. Saguaro cacti, the dominant subject matter, are both a symbol of the region’s cultural identity and the foundation of the desert ecosystem. They are used in this instance to depict the relationship between their global influence as a cultural icon and the reality of their crucial role in a fragile environment.