Jan. 4 – Feb. 22, 2012: PROPHECY

Opening: Friday, Jan. 4, 5:30 to 9 p.m.

“Prophecy” is a collaborative effort by Corpus Christi artists Day Wheeler and Jimmy Peña who have shared studio space for the past 14 years and have collaborated on many projects including installations and murals. Jimmy is a self-taught artist with an impressive body of work surpassing many academically trained artists both conceptually and technically. Day, who possesses an MFA from University of North Texas, teaches at a community college while continuing her studio work. While coming from different backgrounds, these artists work well together, bringing about collaborations that read as one voice.


This exhibit was born out of the thought that according to the Mayans, the year 2012 is predicted to be the end of the world. If mankind is still here in January 2013, this show will be a response to the genesis of a new apocalypse, which according to some, we may be witnessing now as our environment shows signs of deterioration and stress.  These artists will visually comment on this slow decline of the ecological balance of the Gulf Coast as a result of petroleum wastes, products, and spillage polluting our waters and lives. A particular target will be plastics, however, other types of refuse will also come into play. Another goal is to create significant imagery from recycled materials while changing the space into an ominous, seductive environment with not only constructions, but also lighting, sound, and kinetic features. The final goal is to reach and impact a large audience of Gulf Coast residents, tourists, and students appealing to their visual and auditory senses.

This is an important contemporary exhibit with an extensive learning curve. So many in our population are visual learners. This is a fresh approach for this area in addressing these concerns. With an island of plastic the size of Texas floating in the Pacific, animal injuries, fish kills, and overflowing landfills, man is leaving a negative footprint. This is a message that cries out to be heard.


As an added educational component to the exhibition, the local chapter of the Surfrider Foundation will be present during the January and February ArtWalks handing out fabric shopping bags, providing information and showing a video of problems caused by trash along the Texas Coast. Funding for Prophecy provided by Texas Commission on the arts, Joe Aker, and other generous donors & friends.


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