2015 Exhibitions

December 4-20, 2015

Main Gallery:?flowerface_thesis_postcard Web

To(o) Exist:?New work by Loring Baker

Loring Baker was born and raised in Corpus Christi,Tx. She is a K Space artist who’s work has been shown nationally and internationally. This recent body of work is her Master of Fine Art’s thesis exhibition: To(o) Exist. The work investigates an interest in people, language, thought, and feeling. Drawings, paintings, and three-dimensional forms explore these ideas in a curious and tactile manner.

Please join us for her opening reception?

Dec. 4. 2015, 5:30 to 9 pm.?


K Space Art Studios 20th Anniversary Exhibition

2015 marks the 20th anniversary of K Space Art Studios. ?In early?1995, Raychelle and Erick Schaudies had an?idea to?create?a cooperative?studio space where contemporary artists could work alongside each other sharing ideas, techniques, and camaraderie – something that did not previously exist in Corpus Christi.?This dream came to fruition when the Schaudies discovered the old Kress building in downtown Corpus Christi ?and set up an agreement with the building’s owners, The Clower Company. ?K Space Art Studios (named for the Kress building in which it is located) ?was?born?in November 1995.

Over the past 2 decades, K Space Art Studios has become?a beloved community for a?large group of local?artists. ?For some, K Space has been a short stop during their artistic career, while for others it has become?has become a second home (and family).

2015 marks the 20th anniversary of K Space Art Studios. This 20th Anniversary?Exhibition features the work of numerous?studio artists who have passed through and who remain at the studios.



Over 70 Artists celebrate Mexican Design

Mexico is rich in distinctive, colorful design: Talavera pottery, tile, glass, leather, furniture, Cantera stonework, textiles, clothing, architecture and Folk Art. For our 2015 Dia de los Muertos exhibition, K SPACE CONTEMPORARY will display fine art that pays tribute to Mexican design.
K Space creates an over-sized ?tile? border at eye-level around the gallery. We invite artists to join us in ?tiling? the gallery by creating their own works (tiles) inspired by Mexican design.

"Porcelain Soldiers II" by Tina Gebhart“Porcelain Soldiers II” by Tina Gebhart Main Gallery:?August 7 to September 18, 2015

The Third Coast National,?now in its 9th year, is a non-thematic, juried exhibition of new works of art from across the USA. ?3rd Coast National introduces the Coastal Bend?community to innovative contemporary artists and artwork being created in other parts of the country, as well as in our own region.
We thank all participants. 528 images were submitted by 178 artists from all over the USA. The panel selected 46 works of art by 35 artists for the 2015 exhibition. ?See full list of?2015 Accepted Artists.
Join us for the opening August 7, 5:30 to 9 pm.
Special Thanks to our 2015 Jury Panel: ?Deborah Fullerton Dunn (Curator of Exhibitions, Art Museum of South Texas), Rich Gere (Chair, Dept. of Art, TAMUCC), and Ken Rosier (Chair, Del Mar College Dept. of Art and Drama).

ART STAR GALLERY-August 7 – 28:

Remembering Coleto Creek 1

Remembering Coleto Creek 1

Donna Sites:

Since I was very little, making art was something I always did. Or at least, I thought it was art. When I was 23 and living in NYC I took a sculpture class at the Art Student?s League. Growing up in Ingleside, TX, this was the first time I had ever met ?real? artists (I often got to chat with Peter Max because I lived across the hall from his pot dealer). Nor had I ever gone to an art museum. In a single day I saw ?Starry Night?, ?The Kiss? and (be still my heart!) ?The Persistence of Memory?. Above all, I learned that art did not have to be pretty. I was spellbound. Before that, wanting to be an artist was like wanting to grow up to be a princess or Nancy Drew.

?Art is either plagiarism or revolution,? said Paul Gauguin…..well, I?m not original enough to start an art revolution so my work is influenced by every single piece of art ever created, everything ever written about art history and art theory, almost any traditional art by indigenous people anywhere, Roy Fridge, Jimmy Pena and, importantly, deciding to study art. For me it is not for ?fun? or ?relaxing? or ?something to do to take me away from the real world?….it IS my real world. It is demanding, disciplined, exhausting work but I do it every day because I want to see it when it is finished. I don?t fool myself into thinking it is great art, but it is OK. I like it. When my livelihood depended on the massively saturated art market, the ?sale? became an overwhelming element in the composition of the piece and counterproductive to the integrity of what I should have been doing. I am no longer concerned whether my work is ever shown or sold. I just do it because I am passionate about doing it and life without art is stupid.

Resume:?BFA and MAIS from CCSU, 1980?s or sometime around there; did my own sweat shop art at fine arts festivals for 12 years; owner/director of St. Charles Art Gallery in Rockport, TX from 1999 until 2014 when I retired from earning a living.

ART STAR GALLERY-September 4-25:Sarah Fischer

Clusters: Studies of Change by Sarah Fischer

Nature is always changing over the eons, and I have known constant change in my life. In my adolescence, I had the chance to see many places across the states. A year ago, I earned my BFA in New Hampshire before moving to Corpus Christi and joining K space. Thus, I am no stranger to adapting to new surroundings.

I work with untidy and direct visual language. I strive to convey movement and change; change that refuses to keep still, with converging and crossing lines. I use a variety of visual language on simple two dimensional planes; crisp ink lines coexist with watercolor washes to create a harmonious, yet uncertain, contrast.

MAIN GALLERY: June 5 to July 17, 2015

Please Find Me Half – Justin Gainan

Disrupted Landscape by Justin Gainan

Disrupted Landscape by Justin Gainan


Born in Corpus Christi, Texas U.S.A., Justin Gainan attended the Kansas City Art Institute and graduated in 2004 with his BFA and attended Goldsmiths, receiving his MFA in 2009. Solo exhibitions include The Lynne Foundation in Kansas City, Missouri 2004 and Dolphin 2007 also in Kansas City. Selected group exhibitions include Form Content London, UK, Correspondenzen at Baeckerstrasse4 Vienna, Austria, Misery Connoiseur Live issue no.1 at Van Horbourgh Zurich, Switzerland, The David Roberts Art Foundation London, UK, Cosmophobia at L?Atelier Kunstspielraum Berlin, Germany and It?s in there somewhere at Tenderpixel London, UK. Justin currently lives in Tempe, Arizona.

Artist Statement: ?My practice relies on dualism, whether it is material or psychological. Within my working process, it is important to not lose awareness of one that identifies with the guarded or unguarded and to employ that as interactive media. These qualities are what help to compose the narrative of my work.

The environment for developing a dialogue between ?dumb matter? and an audience is to present them in action, therefore composing a syntax which speaks towards the problems in representation through presentation. Is it more problematic to not understand what we may call ?dumb matter?? Is it simply the ubiquitous matter that we do not understand? For me, it is how we negotiate with a medium (whether that is dirt, stone, concrete, or cumbersome man-made challenges) once we engage it. In turn, we are then activating the media that is without identity, but yet has an enormous presence.

The souvenirs of either a current era or prehistoric are removed from their intended purposes and present to their possessor, a new experience and narrative. It is within my installations of collected materials that I aim to address the precariousness that is imminent no matter our sense of stability. Furthermore, the performances (performances, being the actions taken to create and those literally performed) throughout my practice are to suggest epic ambition and potential failure. These are ultimately the rhizomes of one?s culture.?


Jewelry + Art:
Norma Gafford | Lynda Jones | James Moltz


Craftsmen and artists these three artists create both jewelry and fine art. Bringing the beauty of stones, beads and silver, into the finely crafted art of jewelry. Exhibition includes both fine art works and fine jewelry.

?ART STAR GALLERY- July 3 – 24, 2015 :?COMPACT!

Art Star Gallery:
A show of works made to fit in (or made using)?a makeup compact or candy tin.


Main Gallery: May 1 – May 29, 2015

The World Is Yours! By Julia Curran

An All American Satire Chronicling the Frantic Rise and Ultimate Demise of Very Big Boys by Julia Curran. In a brightly colored barrage of many-layered magnificence artist Julia Curran spawns a frenzied satire of hyper-masculine insecurities and the apocalyptic pitfalls of capitalist America on steroids. Predominantly a printmaker, Julia also forcefully penetrates sculpture, performance, painting and installation in her creative conquests. The artist?s forthcoming body of work is all about ?Party-Boys,? a herd of shameless donkey men hell bent on having a good time at the expense of everyone else. Julia?s work is of the socio-politically conscious tradition of printmaking, but is also nuanced by the artist?s well-seasoned perspective and understanding of pop culture. Julia is a Fulbright scholar and the youngest member of The Outlaw Printmakers. She has shown her work extensively at home and abroad. In the artist?s solo exhibition at K-Space, May 1st, Party Boy is on parade.

Julia Curran was born in St. Louis, Missouri and has studied and practiced art while working in several important printmaking studios including Evil Prints in Saint Louis, and Le Dernier Cri in Marseille, France.

“Super Natural” originates from an obsession with how shape, color, and repetition can be powerful tools for kindling one?s imagination. I am interested in creating environments that suggest elements of the natural world while leaving room for supernatural musings. Relatedly, visual dichotomy is a concept that I return to often with my work, as I am fascinated with how images can simultaneously be delicate and clumsy, saturated and empty, rhythmic and stagnant. My process is like this too, as these images are created either by etching copper, which is a slow, meticulous process, and monoprinting, which is a more fluid, immediate method. The spaces between these extremities is where my work lies, permanent and fleeting images of what was once there but is now gone.

Cassie Normandy White was born and raised in Central Texas and received her BFA in Printmaking from Texas State University in 2013. She has since spent time working at Flatbed Press as an assistant printer and at Austin Community College as a printmaking studio technician. White?s recent exhibitions include Affinity at the Williams Tower Gallery in Houston and Jeffrey Dell & Cassie White at the Georgetown Art Center during Print Austin 2015.

White will be a featured artist at the Hunter Gather Gallery later this year in Houston. She lives and works in Corpus Christi, TX.


Main Gallery: March 6 to April 3, 2015

Final Causes – Joe Meiser

Joe Meiser’s background is in sculpture and installation art, but over the past few years he has begun to produce virtual 3-D forms. He subsequently employs these virtual forms to create photorealistic images and videos, as well as physical sculptures. Meiser earned his BFA at Northern Kentucky University and his MFA at Ohio University. He has exhibited his artwork in numerous venues across the United States, including: The Torrance Art Museum in Los Angeles, St. Edwards University in Austin, Eastern Illinois University, Columbia College in Chicago, and many others. Meiser lives in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania and teaches courses on sculpture, digital sculpture, and drawing at Bucknell University.

The exhibition is on display throughout Contemporary Art Month-Corpus Christi.

Artist Statement: ?I use my artwork to examine philosophies of life and ideas about mortality that come from science, philosophy, and religion?often attempting to make sense of narratives that are in conflict. Our human experience of the world is riddled with paradox, and I strive to capture this tension in my work. A central concern in my work is that ALL is temporary and in flux: individuals will perish, ideas will become obsolescent, and physical constructs will eventually collapse. I agree with Socrates’ suggestion that the admission of ignorance is the beginning of all knowledge, so my approach is to embrace uncertainty and treat each project as an act of questioning exploration. While my work addresses serious topics, it is also meant to be humorous. Humor helps overcome rigid ways of seeing and facilitates insight.? – Joe Meiser

Main Gallery: January 16 to February 27, 2015

All Nude – Figure studies by exhibition participants

Studies of the Human Form celebrates the academic tradition of drawing from life, but installs the work in a contemporary manner. K Space has literally wallpapered the main gallery with figure drawings in ink, wash, charcoal, graphite and pastel.

This exhibition was conceived by the artists who participate in our Figure Drawing program; it showcases their talent as well as that of other area figurative artists. Drawings completed in only 30 seconds are displayed alongside works completed over several days. The show reveals both hits and misses and examines the process of mastering human proportions and capturing a pose in a matter of seconds.

Participants: Figure Drawing program organizer, Carolyn Young, Matt Peterson, Manuel Abarca, Cynthia Alvarez, Jennifer Arnold, Jess Barrera, Courtney Bracco, Josefina Daugherty, Anthony DeLeon, Sarah Fedak, Jessica Godfrey, Angelica Hallare, Jenifer Hartsfield, Gerald Lopez, Joe Martinez, William Perry Hudson, Erika McIlnay, Malachy McKinney, Andrew Malczewski, Robert C. Pate, Jimmy Pena, Noe Perez, Catrina Phillips, Ricardo Ruiz, Amanda Shepherd, Michelle Smythe, Cheryl Votzmeyer and Day Wheeler.
Figure drawing sessions are held every Tuesday 5:15 to 7:30 p.m. at K Space Contemporary. See details and rates at https://kspacecontemporary.org/workshops/figure-drawing/.