2016 Exhibitions Past


The Prestigious Third Coast Exhibition

Sept 2 – Oct 14, 2016

Reception with ArtWalk: Friday Sept 2, 5:30 to 9 pm

K Space Contemporary is thrilled and honored to host internationally renowned artist Sharon Kopriva as our 2016 Third Coast National Juror. In 2016, 611 images were submitted by 197 artists from all over the USA. Of these, Kopriva selected 59 works of art by 59 artists for the exhibition.

Carol Plumb 1

Art Star: Sept. 2 – 30

Carol Plumb: The Quiet Solitude of the Coast

Carol’s  love of nature and abstraction find a happy union in the painting of landscapes. Carol brings a fresh perspective and quiet intensity to each of her paintings of an often overlooked area of coastal South Texas. Finding beauty in the vast expanse of landscape, sea and skyscapes of South Padre Island, Laguna Madre, Mesquital, MX, Bahia Grande and other local vistas.



Art Star: Oct. 7 – 28

Mayra Viviana Zamora @MiraMayraArt

Chicano Pop

My current body of work is a devotion to the fundamentals of art and my love for my Mexican heritage. I focus on what I consider the most important elements of art; Line, Shape, & Color, while incorporating Mexican iconography such as el ojo, la rosa, y la calavera.

My influences are derived from my childhood spending hours looking through a kaleidoscope and looking out the car window while crossing the Mexican border. As a child, I was extremely inspired by the unique shapes, colorful patterns, and designs I would see in the Mexican textiles, architecture, and within the vivacious culture. This has tremendously helped shape my artwork and myself as an adult artist. I am also highly influenced by modern artists and color masters and their ability to create movement within their compositions; such as Victor Vasarely, Frank Stella, Josef Albers, & Piet Mondrian. 



July 1 – August 12, 2016


Opening with ArtWalk, July 1, 5:30 to 9 pm

“Light Shadow Transparency” is a collection of works of art that depend upon light as an integral element. This show offers a unique exhibition experience. Many works in this exhibition are installation-
based, walk-through or around, and some are interactive. For example, Diana Pena has created a walk-in camera obscura, a tool used by Renaissance artists for drawing accuracy and the precursor to the camera. Other works glow from within or rely on cast shadow or color to be completed.

Participating artists: Jennifer Arnold, Lori Qualls
Edwards, Phyllis Finley, Amorette Garza, Rich Gere, Lynda Jones, Louis Katz, Gerald Lopez, James Moltz, Diana Peña, Joe Peña, Jimmy Peña, Kevin Ramler, Greg Reuter, Barbra Riley & Roger Steinberg, Lars Roeder & Peyton Koranek, Tristan Schober, Becky Smith, Sebatian Stoddart, Andrea Valenti, Cheryl Votzmeyer & Michelle Smythe, Day Wheeler  

JimmyPena Fish CMYK wlevels WEB



Ryan Howell Works in Progress WEBRyan Howell

Suspension: Recollections of Places and Times

July 1 – July 29

Opening in K Space Contemporary’s Art Star Gallery is Suspension: Recollections of Places and Times by Ryan Howell. Howell is an early K Space Art Studio artist who joined at age 19. Now living in Austin, he returns to Corpus Christi with a new body of work. Howell’s gorgeous jewell-like resin pieces will be on display through July 29th.




VIRAL LoriEdwards.

Lori Qualls Edwards

VIRAL: New and Transitional Work

Continuing in the Schaudies Gallery (3rd Floor inside K Space Art Studios) is VIRAL: New and Transitional Work by Lori EdwardsVIRAL is an amazing mixed media installation by K Space Studio artist, Lori Edwards. One of our newest studio members, Lori came to us from Georgia late last year and VIRAL marks her first solo show in the CC area. You won’t want to miss her delicate prints and paintings that are powerful, energetic and thought provoking all at the same time. K Space Art Studios is accessed through the alleyway on Starr St. next to Flanagan’s Bar, last door on the left and up three flights of stairs to the top.

BorderGoesClash puron_CasaMatriz_3_h50xw60_enamel-canvas_2016 -MED

PURON_SLIDER_FRONTPAGEExhibitions May 6 – June 24, 2016

MAIN GALLERY: Reception with ArtWalk: Friday May 6, 5:30 to 9 pm

Border Goes Clash

Cande Aguilar, Jorge Puron, Mauricio Saenz

Border Goes Clash features new work by South Texas artists Cande Aguilar, Jorge Puron and Maricio Saenz. Through a variety of media (painting, sculpture, installation and video), the artists interpret their experiences growing up along the Texas-Mexico border where they are often confronted with strong visual and social situations. The artists’ mismatched styles and blunt imagery seek to disolve the stereotypical vision of this region.

Using border culture as a source for his barrioPOP series, Aguilar’s multi-media paintings possess a universal context adaptable to any given frontier area. Purón’s work is starkly geometric and founded upon hard-edged forms that are aesthetically confrontational, much like the duality of his identity. Sáenz’s contribution suggests models of confinement, limits and impossibility, while hinting at an opposing element that would deconstruct this idea. As a statement, Border Goes Clash provokes dialogue on concepts such as identity, memory, and social boundaries that reveal the complexity of co-existance in our society.


Breaking the ChainsjpgEduardo Quintero: Los Olvidados  (The Forgotten)

Eduardo Quintero is a Contemporary mixed media painter who was born and raised in McAllen, Texas. His artistic influences range from Raphael to Rauschenberg. He is drawn by the commitment to social justice and consciousness-raising in the art of Los Tres Grandes, Mexican muralists Diego Rivera, David Alfaro Siqueiros and José Clemente Orozco.

Quintero received his Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in 2005 and his Master of Fine Arts degree in 2011 from the University of Texas-Pan American. As he was completing his MFA, he also earned a Graduate Certificate in Mexican American Studies, which opened his eyes to his rich heritage and to his responsibility
and privilege to speak out for his people. This gave him the background to address the socioeconomic problems that plague this area. He is currently an Adjunct Professor at both South Texas College and at the University of Texas-Pan American.


Schaudies Gallery: May 6 – 27, 2016 (K SPACE ART STUDIOS)

HERHER – All Women Exhibition

HER is a dynamic art exhibition spotlighting the women who play a vital role in making K Space Contemporary (board and staff members) and the K Space Art Studios the fantastic institutions in the local community they are today. The latest 2D and 3D contemporary works will be featured by these fabulous artists. Come see HER on First Friday, May 6th, 5:30 to 9pm in the Schaudies Gallery located in the K Space Art Studios.  Artists in the HER exhibition include
Jennifer Arnold, Courtney Bracco Bruun, Lori Qualls Edwards, Sarah Fischer, Mercedes Flores, Deborah Greer, Lynda Jones, Vasu Mistry, Diana Pena, Kimberly Rios, Criselda Saenz, Raychelle Schaudies, Tristan Schober, Amanda Shepherd, Michelle Smythe, Andrea Valenti, Cheryl Votzmeyer,Day Wheeler.






Schaudies Gallery: June 3 – June 24, 2016

VIRAL LoriEdwardsReception with ArtWalk: Friday June 3, 5:30 to 9 pm

VIRAL is an amazing mixed media installation by K Space Studio artist, Lori Edwards. One of our newest studio members, Lori came to us from Georgia late last year and VIRAL marks her first solo show in the CC area. You won’t want to miss her delicate prints and paintings that are powerful, energetic and thought provoking all at the same time. K Space Art Studios is accessed through the alleyway on Starr St. next to Flanagan’s Bar, last door on the left and up three flights of stairs to the top.


March 4 through April 8, 2016

Main Gallery:

Kitsch TrollKitsch Show @ K Space – a juried group exhibition

Kitsch “…is pleasingly distasteful. It’s melodramatic, overdone, gaudy and tacky or sentimental and folksy. It’s so bad that it’s cool. One catch with kitch is that you’re never quite sure if it’s supposed to be serious or not. It’s that uncertainty that is amusing.” (as described by Urban Dictionary)

The Kitsch Show is a juried exhibition of works that fall into this category due to their style, materials, content and/or intent. Come be amused, intrigued and befuddled!.






Corner Spot:

Version 2

Trophies for Girlhood

Sculpture by Sandy Tramel

Gallery Talk: Saturday, March 5, 11 am

Sandy Tramel, born in Baltimore Maryland, has lived in Houston, Texas since 1988. Tramel has exhibited her work in numerous competitions and curated exhibitions all over the US, including several solo exhibtions in Houston. “Trophies for Girlhood” is a series of sculptures constructed from found objects, glue, acrylic and gel medium so thick it looks like melting wax. Found objects like tchotchkes, serving dishes and other doodads are arranged into objects that carry a much deeper message.

“The ‘trophies for girlhood’ series began as a way to fulfill my childhood longing to receive a trophy. Ancient cultures viewed structures built on the vertical axis as indicative of the spiritual realm. The trophies are laden with symbolism. The trophies may sometimes appear to be contradictory, as they contain images of traditional femininity, such as flowers and butterflies. Yet, when the symbolism of the images is examined, one learns that flowers are a symbol for eroticism. ‘Mariposa,’ the Spanish word for butterfly is the same word in Latin America for prostitute. The ‘trophies’ references are diverse. Some of the ‘trophies’ contain versions of caryatids from ancient Greek architecture. Owls appear as a symbol of mysterious power. In ancient times owls often appeared with a goddess. There is a subtlety to the trophies. Instead of the bright garish look of trophies a child would win, the ‘trophies for girlhood’ are coated with gel medium and painted with muted colors.” – Sandy Tramel


MarcySanchez Travels WEB

ART STAR – March 4-25, 2016


Raised in Highland Park, Illinois, Maricela Sanchez works as a fine artist and a design artist. Maricela’s professional art career has been multi-faceted and all encompassing. She has both trained as a fine artist and worked alongside craftsmen and engineers to develop fine art and functional, art-infused products. Her creativity is not constrained to one area of her career, and she has dedicated her pursuits to its expression.

Maricela has infused her professional pursuits with her artistic talents for 30 years. Her paintings, prints and sculptures center on organic, ambiguous forms that evoke a uniquely human sense of nostalgia and a curious balance of sass and sophistication. Since 2009, Maricela has focused on experimental ideas for public exhibitions to include installations. Her work is owned by public, private and museum collections.

In 2012, Maricela shifted gears to combine her previous artistic experiences with her love of animals and pets to launch her entrepreneurial endeavor— Bespoke Crates & Gates. Her custom products perform a necessary function while transforming areas of the home into artful moments of unexpected beauty.

A graduate of Texas A&M University Corpus Christi, Maricela was born in Laredo, Texas and lives and works in Corpus Christi and San Antonio with her husband and their beloved pets.


SCHAUDIES GALLERY April 1 – 29, 2016

Transitions by Jimmy Peña

“Transitions” works by Jimmy Peña in the Schaudies Gallery at the K Space Art Studios for the First Friday Artwalk, April 1st, 5:30 to 9 pm. Jimmy is presenting paintings, drawings and sculptures featuring his realistic past works and his present abstract and kinetic artworks. The exhibition was recently displayed at the University of Texas-Rio Grande in Brownsville and now he is bringing it to CC.

The K Space Art Studios are located in the alleyway next to Flanagan’s Bar on Starr St., all the way down, last door on the left and then three flights up. Come up and see this fantastic show.

Friday April 1, 2016  / 6:00 pm – 9:00pm


Innerbelt Bridge by Vaughn Wascovich

Innerbelt Bridge by Vaughn Wascovich

Exhibitions January 15 – February 26, 2016

Reception with ArtWalk: Friday Feb. 5, 5:30 to 9 pm


Main Gallery: 

Bridging Cleveland

Pinhole Photography by Vaughn Wascovich

Please join us for these events with the artist:

  • Gallery Talk: Saturday, February 6, 10 am
  • Pinhole Photography Workshop: Saturday, February 6, 11 am

Vaughn Wascovich is a fine art photographer and photographic educator. He has more than twenty years experience as a commercial photographer and broadcast producer, and has worked with a number of Fortune 500 companies as well as many major advertising agencies. He received his MFA from Columbia College Chicago, where he taught for a number of years, and is currently teaching at Texas A&M University-Commerce where he is an Associate Professor. From 2004-2010 Professor Wascovich held the appointment of Visiting Scholar with the Harvard School of Public Health.

Wascovich has participated in more than one hundred exhibitions, including the inaugural exhibition at Transformer Station in 2013, and has won multiple awards for his fine art photography. He won the prestigious Imagemaker Award from the Society of Photographic Educators (2009), the H.M. Lafferty Award for Scholarship and Creative Activity (2013), and the Provost Award for Research and Creative Activity at Texas A&M University (2010). His research interests include man’s relationship to the environment, compromised landscapes, environmental issues and the politics of indigenous peoples.

“When I stopped doing commercial work to concentrate on art, I reconnected with my interest in landscape and how it affects me. I wanted to see things for what they are and for what they were, I wanted to see the depth of a place. And I wanted to tell those stories.Within those stories of place, though, I know that I also take pictures because I want to find out where I am in the world… how I’m situated. I use my cameras to try and understand that.”

Corner Spot

Fading Penetralia

Photography by Diana Peña

DianaPena_Pin_SmallPenetralia is the most private or secret of things. Secrecy can divide relationships, deter individuals and prevent new relationships or they can bond people who share the same intimate knowledge. These private thoughts permeate every level of society and have existed throughout time and may have altered the course of history. In today’s modern society, secrecy and the notion of privacy have evolved. This body of work is an investigation into the relationship between the person and the personal details. Participants were asked to take a moment of forced reflection on a private moment during a long exposure to confront their inner thoughts. Revealing on the dark, light-hearted, serious, or embarrassing.

Born in Midland, Texas Diana received her Masters of Art degree in 2011 from TAMUCC. Her photography career began with an interest in underwater photography, and during her educational pursuits she was introduced to traditional photographic printing processes such as cyanotypes, gum bi chromates and tintypes. Further exploration led to an interest in pinhole and other non-traditional hand made cameras. Combining modern digital and historical print processes, Diana seeks to create a unity between archaic and contemporary technologies.

Diana has taught numerous workshops on photography, alternative processes, and book making. She has taught darkroom courses at Del Mar College and digital photo at TAMUCC.  She currently resides in Corpus Christi, Texas where she continues to work from her studio.

Art Star Gallery

Life in the Dunes 07-21-2014

Life in the Dunes 07-21-2014

Memory Shrouds: A Selection

new work by Georgia Griffin

Primarily a painter and sculptor, Georgia Griffin came to her art career at midlife, after a long and varied corporate career. A self-taught artist, she loves to experiment with new materials, subjects and techniques.

A few years after relocating to the Coastal Bend region of Texas, Georgia jumped at the chance to get to know the artists and venues in the area better by becoming a freelance writer for CC Magazine. She enjoyed five years of interviewing local artists in her column The Canvas, and compiling the magazine’s monthly regional arts calendar (ArtScene).

In 2014 Georgia gave up freelance work in order to focus on family matters, and resolved to develop a burgeoning idea into a very different new body of work. The idea? A posthumous collaboration with her late father, Dan Griffin. A journalist and writer, Dan frequently photographed the people and world around him. Georgia combed through the slides her father had amassed in the early 1960s, when the family lived in Northeastern Brazil. A relatively short but formative time for the three of them, memories of the experience deeply colored their lives.

“This solo exhibit presents a selection of smaller works from Memory Shrouds. A 30-piece body of work, it commemorates the 30th anniversary of my father’s death, after exactly 47 years on earth. In anticipation of this milestone I had spent months combing through box after box of the slides my father amassed when my parents and I lived in Brazil.

Memories saturate us, informing our thoughts and laying the basis for relationships that we draw on long after life has changed completely. It seems natural to honor Dad’s memory by giving certain images a new life, reinterpreting them in my own work. These pieces reflect my memories as stirred by my journey through his slides and created almost exclusively with a palette knife on loose unprimed canvas with acrylic. This allowed pigments to permeate the canvas like memories leave their mark indelibly on us. The method was a departure for me and I thank my father for gently tipping my wings to the wind one more time in a leap of faith. Obrigado e abraços, Papai!”

Hot Spot Gallery (3rd Floor inside K Space Art Studios)

Tonya Peel_AsylumWeb

Kevin Schuster_Mystical ObserverWeb


Photography by Tonya Peel (left) and Kevin Schuster (right)

Tonya Peel (b. 1977‐ ) is an American Artist based in South Texas. Peel’s methods include digital photography and Photoshop manipulation. Her art is conceptual, dark, and sensual. Tonya Peel’s works have been published in Grotesque Magazine, Delicious Dolls, Dark Beauty Magazine, and The Vent Local. Peel has photographed notable musicians Rob Zombie, Korn, and The Toadies.

“These photos represent more than capturing a moment, they are expressions of emotions, of feeling the moment, in that place, at that time.  We live, we fall, we grow.  Beauty, love, failure, success, chaos.  We all have many facets and faces of who we are. Life is a constant transition that is never a finished product.  This is that time to pause and reflect on these moments in a more ethereal adventure of life and how I see it through my eyes.  I hope you enjoy the trip.”  – Tonya Peel

Kevin Schuster (b. 1959‐ ) is an American Photographer and Artist based in South Texas. Schuster’s methods include analog and digital, traditional and experimental photography. His passions lie in capturing expressive moments, whether in dance, street, or people. He has a degree in Music from Corpus Christi State University. His mentors have been Laurie Klein, Gail Nogle, Barbra Riley, and Ann Flowers.  Kevin Schuster’s works are included in The Art Museum of South Texas and private collections. He has been recognized by Prime Collective and Parsons School of Design for his journalistic style and craftsmanship.  Schuster has photographed notable members of Moscow Ballet, Paris Opera Ballet, Alvin Ailey, Royal New Zealand Ballet, Orlando Ballet, NobleMotion, Ballet Austin, Ballet San Antonio, Ad Deum Dance Company.

“When capturing the moment, the eye does not always see the subconscious energy, until it is revealed later.

Everyone is a different person with their own securities and insecurities.  And through these aspects of our psyche, we work together to grow as individuals.  These images are works about leaving comfort zones, of venturing outside traditional photography, of creating trust, of searching for the vision within, and finally allowing the camera to capture the subconscious.

Women are a mystery,

They are like jewels,

Not to be bridled,

But to be freed.”  – Kevin Schuster