2017 Exhibitions Past

SpectacularSalon, K Space Contemporary, JenniferArnoldStudio, JamesMoltz, Call for Artists

Spectacular Salon


Opening December 1, 6 to 9 pm


A floor to ceiling art extravaganza featuring 26 local artists:

Manuel Abarca, Sindi Alvarado Schmitt, Jennifer Arnold, Loring Baker, Chelsea Kaye Beck,?Jalyn Casarez, Claudia Cuellar, Lori Edwards, Diana Flores, Sandra Gonzalez, Dennis Kemmerer,?Payton Koranek, Jeannine Leal, Jeffrey McDaniel, Kevin Schuster, Jan Sijansky, Becky Smith,?Claire Steele, Carolyn Thomas, Andrea Valenti,??Geri Vela, Roni Vela, Cheryl Votzmeyer, Helen Williams,?Ben Wright,?Mayra Zamora.

AllisanMontgomery, photography, fiber photo, Corpus Christi



“I have seen them ever since I can remember, spectral anomalies moving through space, through time. In and around the town where I grew up, Corpus Christi, Texas, I watched as they explored. As I grew older, I became less susceptible, suppressing the knowledge of them with rational thought. A few years ago, while creating images of mid-century architecture they returned. They were so familiar yet distant, a sense of d?j? vu or cryptomnesia, like an old friend waving to me from just beyond my view.??I began to try and document them, developing a?methodology based on?memory and irrational attraction and?creating blue prints and images as a physical representation of something psychological.?Photographs stand between perception and reality; they are an elusive yet physical presence that point to the presence of something else. This work is an attempt at reification. The images serve as a foundation upon which I am building my reality.”?



Art exhibition featuring the K Space Studio Artists

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October 6 – November 17

!Viva La Lucha!

Painting by Gerald Lopez of a large Mexican wrestler (luchador) wearing a red cape, blue tights, championship wrestling belt with large gold medallion, and blue mask with red design around the eye and red horns. "El Valiente" by Gerald Lopez from the Corpus Christi Loteria Mural.

“El Valiente” by Gerald Lopez

Ladies and Gentlemen,

K Space Contemporary proudly presents !Viva La Lucha!, an art exhibition of epic proportions that focuses on the rich tradition of Mexican freestyle wrestling known as ?Lucha Libre?.? Lucha Libre and ?Los Luchadores? (the energetic, high-flying, men and women wrestlers who practice this daring art form) have been popular in Mexico since the early 20th century and many ?enmascarados? (masked wrestlers) have achieved iconic status as superheroes of the ring and of the movie screen.

Colorful, passionate, skillful and as dramatic as any Mexican daytime novella, Lucha Libre is not only wrestling and entertainment, but a cultural phenomenon that is sweeping the USA and much of the world today. This fantastic art exhibition showcasing artists from all across South Texas, will capture the brilliant spirit of Lucha Libre, honor Los Luchadores who practice it and thank the people who keep its cultural traditions alive. !Viva La Lucha!


October 6 – November 17 in the Gift Shop

Sindi Alvarado:?Mis Favoritos

Sindi Alvarado Schmitt, art is an extension of her soul, her drive and passions. Blending mixed media with colorful ceramics and intertwining them with her Mexican heritage, Sindi creates art that is not only “alegre”, but also “misterioso y encantador”.? She has always challenged her artistic horizon, and this is ever present in her works, from her Mexican and Victorian fusion repurposed vintage jewelry, colorful folkart illustration paintings and her unique hand built ceramic art. To Sindi, symmetry is nonexistent in her style. ?She finds perfection in imperfection, put simply, she prefers the “hecho a mano” look.

Her “Mis Favoritos” is a collective creation inspired from her love of everything antique, distressed or patinaed.? She hopes to convey the soulfulness of each piece combined with a nostalgic and eclectic aesthetic.?She has incorporated her ceramics in many of the pieces and has combined mixed media techniques with a weathered feel and added hints of Mexican folk and surreal art. A plethora of materials were used to accomplish her collection of the Mis Favoritos boxes which include molding paste, inks, acrylics, mica pigments, canvas and ceramics and of course love and thoughtfulness.


American Dream LogoJULY 7 to?AUGUST 18,?2017 ?Main Gallery

Opening Reception July 7, 6:00 – 9:00 pm. Awards at 7 pm

American Dream is?a juried exhibition inspired the history of artists questioning, provoking, resisting, reflecting, and healing through making.? K Space Contemporary invited artists across the United States to submit works of art for this national competition.

Congratulations to the American Dream Award Winners! ?Winning works of art pictured below

First Place: American Landscape 3, pastel by Leslie Robison

Second Place: Female Empowerment Denied, mixed media by Tony Armadillo

Third Place: The Storyof I, mixed media by Ben Wright

Honorable Mentions:

“My World Keeps Getting Smaller Everyday” by Joseph Bernadas

“Woman Fence” by Celeste De Luna

“We the People” by Kelley Dunne

“Do You Want to Grow Up a White Man” by Jean Plough

“Fast Fashion” by Jamie Speck

American Dream Selected Works

40 works of art in alphabetical order by artist?s last name

  • The Endless Summer by Casey Anderson,?Corpus Christi TX
  • Female Empowerment Denied by Tony Armadillo, Corpus Christi TX
  • Day of the Suburbs by Meg Aubrey, Corpus Christi TX
  • Hear No, Speak No, See No Evil (Shitheads) by Robbie Barber, Waco TX
  • My World Keeps Getting Smaller Everyday by Joseph Bernadas, Corpus Christi TX
  • Loop Holes by Angela Carbone, Laredo, TX
  • It Started With Her by Ana Cortes, DeKalb IL
  • Self Served by Ana Cortes,?DeKalb IL
  • Grand Canyon National Park, 48 Mile Waterfall by Kerstin Dale, Corpus Christi TX
  • Gig Economy Chutes and Ladders by Nancy Daly, Washington D.C.
  • Woman Fence by Celeste De Luna, Harlingen TX
  • We the People by Kelley Devine, Houston TX
  • Is it Working??by Kara Dunne, Swansea MA
  • Mezcla by Jenelle Esparza, San Antonio TX
  • Mezcla 2 by Jenelle Esparza, San Antonio TX
  • 100% Cotton by Carol Flueckiger, Lubbock TX (SOLD)
  • Break by Michael Furrh, Denton TX
  • Four-tee-five by Leila Hernandez, Edinburg TX
  • Regando el Maiz y el Nopal by Marco Hernandez, Wichita KS
  • Terraforming by Veronica Jaeger, Pharr TX
  • Bad Hair Day by Todd Kale, Austin TX
  • Fortune Cookie by Jinliang Li, Corpus Christi TX
  • Boons and Blunders (Tree of Light) by Anna Lochrie, Farmington MI
  • The Believer by Patrick McGrath, Houston TX
  • Barreras (Barriers) by Tina Medina, Dallas TX
  • A Place to Lay Down by James Pace, Tyler TX
  • DO YOU WANT TO GROW UP A WHITE MAN by Jean Plough, Philadelphia PA (SOLD)
  • Mount Helicon by Barbra Riley, Canyon Lake TX
  • American Landscape 3 by Leslie Robison, St. Augustin FL
  • Untitled #3, Composition in ?D? Series by Whitney Sage, Blacklick OH
  • Hung Out to Dry by Katie Serralde, Lubbock TX
  • Fast Fashion by Jamie Speck, Rockport TX
  • Why the Sky is Blue by Clair Steele, Corpus Christi TX
  • Finding Balance in the Unknown by Elise Techentine, Granbury TX
  • Hay Bales by Ashton Thornhill, Lubbock TX
  • Magnus Bisontis by Patrick Vincent, Nashville TN
  • Transparente by Vanessa Viruet, Chicago IL
  • White Priviledge by Margi Weir, Detroit MI
  • The Story of I by Ben Wright, Corpus Christi TX
  • The exhibition was curated by the K Space Contemporary Exhibition Committee: Jennifer Arnold,?Scott Ellison,?Gerald Lopez,?Jimmy Pena,?Greg Reuter,?Tristan Schober,?Ashley Thomas and?Day Wheeler.? The committee selected 40 works of art for the exhibition from 450 images submitted by 160 artists from all over the USA. ?Our congratulations to the selected artists!

    Detail of a work of art called "Promises Made" by Carla Hughes. It is a 3D thick, chain made of ceramic, cord and nail with a rusty appearance.

    Memories Made (detail

    July 7 – 28 in The Gift Shop @ K Space

    Free Will Navigation:

    Carla Hughes

    Free Will Navigation?features ceramic works by Carla Hughes.?Carla Hughes is a sculptor and potter living and working in Harlingen, Texas. She received her BFA from the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley and has attended Penland School of Craft and the School of Visual Arts at Chautauqua Institution.? Her current research and resulting sculptural work explores differing perspectives and realities of American life, both current and historic. Intrigued by the dynamics of “us versus them” rhetoric, she draws from the polarizing ideals created by societal labels in order to draw correlations between social class and material, surface, shape, and space. She investigates the complex act of communication in a society whose perceived roles, class, and labels shift with time, migration, government policy, and geographical boundaries.



    May?5?to?June 23,?2017 ?Main Gallery

    Opening Reception May?5, 6:00 – 9:00 pm. Artist Talk at 6 pm

    ?The Bogus Boutique?is a lifestyle brand featuring unique brightly colored ceramic objects and status symbols. These everyday objects foretell the ironic codification of consumer culture as it embodies our current society.? In?The Bogus Boutique, high heel shoes, punk rock lock necklaces, anchors, over-sized fishing hooks, suitcases, cigarette lighters, cases of beer, life preservers, telephones, knives, perfume bottles, and cocktail garnishes are outrageously over-priced objects as viable subjects for branding and art. Questioning the notion that ordinary objects can become an ?object of art,? Bogus encourages a debate about authorship and originality, dissolving the distinction between sanctioned museum pieces and iconic everyday consumed objects.??

    David Bogus was born in Fall River, Massachusetts and holds a BFA from the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth and an MFA from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.? He is currently an Assistant Professor at Eastern Kentucky University. Recent exhibitions include solo shows at Brown University in Rhode Island and Nicolaysen Museum of Art, Casper, WY and group exhibitions in Romania and Korea.? Bogus is an active professional artist, lecturer and instructor.? He has exhibited his work all over the USA and has been awarded residencies at the Archie Bray Foundation for the Ceramic Arts and Haystack Mountain School of Crafts among others.??

    June 2 – 30 in The Gift Shop @ K Space

    Stressed Desserts:

    Amy Burkart and Andrea Valenti

    A wonderful mixture of colorful artwork by Amy Rose Burkart and Andrea M.Valenti in the K-Space Giftshop Gallery during ArtWalk.

    K Space Gift Shop – May 5 – 26?:

    Peyton Koranek: ?Y’all

    Payton Koranek is a ceramic artist who was born and raised near the coastal bend of Texas. She will be graduating with her bachelors in fine arts in May 2017 from Texas A&M University of Corpus Christi.

    Koranek creates functional vessels that foster intimate connections with the user. Combining personal icons with traditional Texas imagery, she confronts the user with the stereotypes and conflicted identity of the state she calls home.


    March 3?to April 15, 2017

    Opening Reception March 3, 6:00 to 9:00 pm

    Main Gallery 1:?KERSTIN DALE

    Kerstin Dale?recently moved from to Corpus Christi to teach photography at Del Mar College. In addition to photography, she is also proficient in wood sculpture. Dale constructs sculptural representations inspired by the Grand Canyon and Colorado River where she is a rafting guide during the summers. ?The river and the canyon, as individual and complementary works of art, drive my aesthetic. Each twist, bend, layer and shade are reflections of the precious, diverse and imperiled land. I see this series as having dual purpose: to honor and celebrate the wild land each piece explores, and to inspire the continued vigilance and dedication of preservation efforts.?

    Main Gallery 2:?LENARD BROWN

    Lenard Brown?s?drawings and paintings merge African influences with American man-made objects like meters and road signs. ?The use of mechanical objects, African masks, Adinkra symbols and other icons are about the polarity of being an African American in Western society. African art strives to be a functional component in the spiritual well being of people?s lives. Nevertheless, the Western ritual of interacting with parking meters, road signs, and other everyday objects is almost as religious.? Brown is currently teaching at Texas A & M University ? Kingsville.


    Jack Gron’s?metal sculpture?reflects his personal observations on current events and issues including politics, pop culture and organized religion. The wall-dependent works in this exhibition include references to everything from professional wrestling to sausage. ?I found that satire, and humor served as powerful tools to enable me to present my views manifest through industrial processes and materials.? Jack Gron is Professor of Fine Arts in Sculpture at TAMUCC, where he served as Chairman of the Department of Art for eight years.

    In the K Space Gift Shop: ?February 3 – 24

    Paperglyphic: New Works by Bernardo Diaz

    Peeper Worship, Bernardo Diaz

    Bernardo Diaz is an educator, administrator, and emerging artist who currently resides in Austin, Texas. Diaz received his Master of Fine Arts Degree from the Meadows School of the Arts at Southern Methodist University in 2011. Diaz has also contributed and participated in various projects with other cultural entities such as the Laredo Center for the Arts, the Art Museum of South Texas, Big Thought, Art & Seek, La Reunion, Art Love Magic, Occupy Dallas, the Latino Cultural Center – Dallas, Dallas Office of Cultural Affairs – Public Art Selection Committee, and was a contributor to the Dallas Pavilion, a tongue-in-cheek exhibition-in-print debuted at the 2013 Venice Biennale.

    Diaz maintains a solid studio practice and continues to produce paintings, drawings, and collage. Diaz has dedicated his current research to notions of access which feed into projects that vary in execution and application and include discreet conversations, contrived vs. spontaneous social interactions, anonymous installations and interventions, and the exploration of the artist’s role within non-art settings. An essay and images of his work were published in Aztlan: A Journal of Chicano Studies at UCLA.


    Ghislaine Fremaux

    January 6 to February 24, 2017

    Gallery Talk by Ghislaine Fremaux: Friday, January 6, 5:30 pm

    Come/Apart?is a powerful exhibition featuring oversized, intensely colored nudes. The figures are often drawn across several sheets of paper collaged together into sprawling, irregularly shaped works of art, some measuring up to 10 feet in width. A master at depicting the human form, Fremaux captures her subjects in intimate postures and situations. ?My drawings examine the face-to-face, wherein the closeness and remoteness of the other are acutely felt.??Come/Apart?is a contemporary approach to the traditional, academic practice of figure drawing.

    Ghislaine Fremaux (b. 1986, Washington, DC) is Assistant Professor of Art in the discipline of Painting at Texas Tech University. She holds her MFA from the Pennsylvania State University, conferred in 2012, and her BFA from Tufts University with SMFA, Boston. Her work has notably shown in the Nicaraguan Biennial 2014, the 2014 Biennial of the Central American Isthmus, and numerous juried exhibitions nationwide.