2018 Exhibitions Past

Main Gallery Dec. 1 – 21, 2018

Sublimation: Manami Ishimura

Sublimation -昇華- is a contemplative, mixed media installation by Manami Ishimura. Ishimura was born in Tokyo, Japan. She received her Bachelor of Fine Art degree in sculpture at Tama University in Japan, and will graduate with a Master of Fine Art degree in sculpture and ceramics from Texas A & M University-Corpus Christi in December 2018. Her works have been included in several important exhibitions including recent sculptural drawings at Masur Museum of Art in Monroe, Louisiana; Wichita Falls Museum of Art at Midwestern State University, Texas; Biwako Binnale, Shiga, Japan; and Gallery C at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan. Ishimura was recently selected to be an Artist in Residence at Arkansas Tech University (January-May 2019) and will serve as curator and resident artist for an interactive exhibition between Japan and the United States in Okayama, Japan in 2019.

Gift Shop Gallery Dec. 1 – 21

Silver and Gold

"Crayon Artist" by Jennifer Arnold
“Crayon Artist” by Jennifer Arnold

Silver & Goldis a group exhibition of small works of art that are adorned with or made of shiny metallic media – paint, thread, foil, silver/gold leaf, etc. – just in time for the holidays.  Be sure to visit the exhibition and K Space Gift Shop for unique gifts and holiday items.

Schaudies Gallery & K Space Art Studios

K Space Art Studios’ annual end of the year exhibition featuring all of our studio artists and the wonderful artworks they’ve created throughout 2018. All studio spaces are open and many of our artists will be on hand. The K Space Art Studios Holiday Showcase is on display for one night only, so please come on up and help us celebrate the holidays and the end of the year in style! Thank you for your support throughout the year. We hope you’ve enjoyed all our exhibitions. See you there!  

Special thanks to all our 2018 studio artists who have made this an awesome year and without whose help and support, none of this is possible: 

Tony Armadillo, Catey Arnold, Courtney Bracco-Bruun, Eric Cuevas, Lori Qualls Edwards, Sarah Fischer, Merci Flores, Payton Koranek, Caroline Kuepper, Gerald Lopez, Jenna Muscarella, Jimmy Pena, Clay Reuter, Greg Reuter, Lars Roeder, Criselda Saenz, Shayna Sands, Claire Steele, Barbara Tharas, Cheryl Votzmeyer, Day Wheeler, Jack Arthur Wood, Ben Wright

Main Gallery October 24 – November 24, 2018

Dia de los Muertos Fine Art Exhibition

On display October 24 – November 24: 

Reception for the Artists: Nov. 2, 5:30 to 9 pm

Stop by K Space Contemporary to see this colorful exhibition featuring traditional and contemporary interpretations of the Dia de los Muertos holiday. Open to artists nationwide, 53 works by 38 artists were selected from the entries submitted.

Dia de los Muertos Fine Art Exhibition was juried by popular Corpus Christi artist, Ricardo Ruiz who produces paintings and drawings inspired by his Hispanic heritage, borderland culture, and Mexican-American folklore. His work is included in the permanent collections of the Art Museum of South Texas, the University of Texas at San Antonio, Cheech Marin Collection and numerous private collections. Ruiz has exhibited widely throughout the United States, and his work has been featured in “Chicanitas” and “Los Tejanos”, which are recent traveling exhibitions from the Cheech Marin Collection.  Active in Corpus Christi’s Art community, Ruiz designed the Dia de los Muertos mural at Starr St. and Lower Broadway and contributed two card panels to the Loteria mural on Chaparral.

Congratulations to the Award Winners:

  • First Place: “Las Mariposas” by Michele Parlee
  • Second Place: “Loose Ends” by Annabel Trevino
  • Third Place: “Tchotchke (enlightened sacred heart)” by Amorette Garza
  • Honorable Mention: “Big Dog” by Robbie Barber
  • Honorable Mention: “Bloom Again” by Brandy Gonzalez
  • Honorable Mention: “Dia de los Muertos Mask” by Roel Palacios
Annabel Trevino, Dia de los Muertos Art Exhibition, K Space Contemporary, Corpus Christi, Texas

2nd Place: “Loose Ends” by Annabel Trevino


Amorette Garza, Dia de los Muertos Art Exhibition, K Space Contemporary, Corpus Christi, Texas

3rd Place: Tchotchke (enlightened sacred heart) by Amorette Garza

Michele Parlee, K Space Contemporary, Dia de los Muertos, Corpus Christi, Texas

First Place: “Las Mariposas” by Michele Parlee

Selected Works and Artists listed below:

  • Ashley Acevedo, “Dance to Death”
  • Dave Armbruster, “El Rey de la Frontera Salvaje”
  • Mark Aubrey, “Los Inocentes”
  • Meg Aubrey, “Christa”
  • Robbie Barber, “Big Dog”
  • Robbie Barber, “Grey Skeleton”
  • Brandin Baron, “Momento Mori: Bisbee Bawdy House”
  • Brandin Baron, “Momento Mori, Poe’s Berenice”
  • Brandin Baron, “Death” from Tarot del Río de las Ánimas Perdidas
  • Cassandra Bazhaw, “La Estrella”
  • Robert Bustamante, “Night of the Living Head”
  • Robert Bustamante, “Mi Amor”
  • Mark Clark, “Zapatista Calavera 2”
  • Eric Cuevas, “Fire at a Jesuit Hacienda, Outside Puebla”
  • Georgia Ruiz Davis, “Tu Solo Tu”
  • Dominique Deve, “P.120”
  • Crystal Farris, “In Memory of…”
  • Erin Flores, “Dancing skeletons”
  • Linda Flores, “Paloma”
  • Linda Flores, “Curiosa”
  • Amorette Garza, “Tchotchke (baby girl with sacred heart)”
  • Amorette Garza, “Tchotchke (sitting sacred)”
  • Amorette Garza, “Tchotchke (enlightened sacred heart)”
  • Brandy González, “Bloom Again”
  • Masha Keen, “Sugar Skull”
  • Dwayne Kraatz, “Una mas”
  • Elsa Mathews, “Yo Quiero Volver”
  • Charley B Burphy, “Vision of Our Lady”
  • Charley B Murphy, “Magritte”
  • Debbie Noble, “Mother Daughter Moment”
  • Roel Palacios, “Dia de los Muertos Mask”
  • Michele Parlee, “Las Mariposas”
  • Rachel Pena, “#2”
  • Rachel Pena, “#3”
  • Dolores Ponce, “La Cruz de Dia de los Muertos”
  • Alberto Puga, “Katri-Charra”
  • David Ramirez, “Love Forever”
  • Greg Reuter, “Skull”
  • Celina Robledo, “Sin cuenta- y uno?”
  • Heather Romano, “Cuerpo de Mi Cuerpo”
  • Heather Romano, “Desire”
  • Jessica Salazar-McBride, “Cactus Dance”
  • Jason Sullivan, Untitled (pearl)
  • Yannina Taboada, “Esperando La Visita”
  • Elise Techentine, “Masquerade”
  • Elise Techentine, “One Foot In”
  • Annabel Trevino, “Immortality”
  • Annabel Trevino, “Loose Ends”
  • Annabel Trevino, “We Can Build You Up, Or Tear You Down”
  • Xanthe Vinson, “Remember the Chingonas”
  • Day Wheeler, “George Orr (Mad Potter of Biloxi Mississippi) Altar”
  • Day Wheeler, “Don Esquelet Centering Death”
  • Day Wheeler, “K Space Spirits”

Gift Shop October 19 – November 16, 2018

October 27, 3 pm to Midnight: Open for the Dia de los Muertos Festival

November 2, 5:30 to 9 pm: Reception for the artists with ArtWalk


Nola Guajardo and Nora Verdin are twin sisters who paint.  Both have been painting over 30 years and have been active members of the Corpus Christi art community throughout that time.

Nora Verdin, Night Bird, K Space Contemporary, Corpus Christi, Texas, Art

Night Bird, Nora Verdin

Over the years, Nola Guajardo’s images have gone from abstraction, to representational and back to abstraction. Color has always been the most prominent element and the coastal light has always been the factor in her choice of color.  Her palette is ever changing due to the intensity in the light and the changes it brings to our environment. Artist’s like Henri Matisse and Richard Diebenkorn have been major influences in her work over the years. Matisse painted on the coast in Nice, France and Diebenkorn painted on the coast in California. Hence the connection for Nola, to these incredible artists, light and water. Application of paint also varies from smooth, layered color, to a more rough and direct application. Both painterly processes feed her sense for the materials and the intuitive look I want for my work.

Nora Verdin has always enjoyed looking at and collecting cultural and folk arts from many regions and cultures like Mexican and South American folk art, Aborigine, Native American and Outsider art. The color, pattern, textures and composition of these types of art influence her work. Nora’s images have been consistent over the years: Corazons, little Milagros, cats, flowers and birds. The last few years, birds and flowers have taken on a different significance. Nora lost her mother several years ago and things that she held special became inspiration in Nora’s work. She enjoyed sitting in her garden enjoying the birds at her feeds singing their sweet songs, so Nora paints birds and flowers as a tribute to her memory. Recently, Nora has been using different materials like paper, yarn, tin and wood that give her work a playful look.

Schaudies Gallery October 5, 2018, 6 to 9 pm


Picking up the Pieces, K Space Art Studios, Corpus Christi Art

“Picking Up the Pieces” is a powerful art exhibition featuring local artists who felt the impact of Hurricane Harvey firsthand, whether it was by weathering the storm and/or by volunteering to help their neighbors in its immediate aftermath. Many of the artists in the exhibition utilize hurricane debris that they have gathered and transformed into compelling works of art. All the artworks in the show are sure to make a strong and positive impression. Come on up to the Schaudies Gallery (3rd floor) this next First Friday Artwalk and see this one time only exhibition dedicated to all the people, communities and volunteers who have and are still over one year later, “Picking Up the Pieces”.

Main Gallery September 7 through October 5, 2018


Opening Reception: Friday, September 7, 5:30 to 9 pm

Merrie Wright, Ceramics, Clay, 3rd Coast National, K space Contemporary

BEST OF SHOW: Merrie Wright, Abstracted Landscape 002: After Wadsworth (This is Where I Live Series)


Rhonda Urdang, After Empress Josephine (1804), 3rd Coast National Biennial, K Space Contemporary, ARtCC

2nd Place: Rhonda Urdang, After Empress Josephine (1804)


3rd Place, Tires for Sisyphus (video) by Angel Fernandez

The Third Coast National Biennial is a juried exhibition of new works of art from all over the USA.  Third Coast National was the first exhibition in K Space Contemporary’s new street level gallery. For its first ten years (2007 to 2016), Third Coast National was an annual exhibition. It is now a biennial exhibition held in the even numbered years. This year, 545 entries were submitted for consideration. Of these, 47 works of art by 28 artists were selected for exhibition.

Congratulations to the 2018 Third Coast National Biennial Award Winners:

  • Best of Show: Merrie Wright, Abstracted Landscape 002: After Wadsworth (This is Where I Live Series)
  • 2ndPlace – “After Empress Josephine (1804)” by Rhonda Urdang, Flagstaff, AZ
  • 3rdPlace – “Tires for Sisyphus” by Angel Fernandez, Lakeside, TX

Honorable Mentions:

  • “Merit Badges from Social Activities, no. 1” by Annie Arnold, Austin, TX
  • “Somewhat Sour Cylinder” by Lauren Clay, Huntsville, Tx
  • “Spanning” By Samara Rosen, Houston, TX
  • “Trypophobia” by Ling-Lin Ku, Austin, TX

2018 Third Coast National Juror: Suzanne Weaver, Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art at the San Antonio Museum of Art. 

Weaver brings nearly three decades of curatorial experience to the San Antonio Museum of Art.  As the Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art and Director of Adult Programs at the Speed Art Museum in Louisville, Kentucky (2009—2014), Weaver organized more than fifteen installations and exhibitions, including a major presentation of films and photographs by the Northern Irish artist Willie Doherty.  She also helped realize over thirty key acquisitions and gifts by artists.  As the Nancy and Tim Hanley Associate Curator of Contemporary Art at the Dallas Museum of Art (1995—2008), she played an integral role in revitalizing the Museum’s international emerging artist exhibition series, Concentrations.  She organized over twenty-two Concentrations exhibitions, which included the first U.S. museum solo exhibitions for many international artists. Weaver’s last Concentrations show was the world premiere of Phil Collins’s monumental, video trilogy, the world won’t listen, which was accompanied by a cross-disciplinary catalogue distributed by Yale University Press. 

Third Coast National Biennial 2018 List of Selected Artists

  • Annie Arnold, Austin, TX: (2 works) How can we get noticed if we’re all doing the same things (entertaining) and Merit badges from social activities, no. 
  • Meg Aubrey, Corpus Christi, Texas: Stop Sign
  • Therese Bauer, El Paso, Texas: (2 works) Modern alphabet – B and Modern alphabet – C
  • Brenda Burmeister, Converse, Texas: The Rule of Capture
  • Patricia Chambers (Lindy) Chambers, Bellville, Texas:  The Smell of Rain
  • John Chinn, Lubbock, Texas: DEMO-NIGHT VIEW: 33 degrees 25′ 10″ N 103 degrees 58′ 29″ W
  • Lauren Clay, Huntsville, Texas: (2 works) Somewhat Sour Cylinder and Pretty Pink Puff with Black Ribbons
  • Barbara Cooledge, Cypress, Texas: (2 works)  Violet and Primary
  • Kevin Curry, Tallahassee, Florida: (2 works)Tallahassee and Gihon River Rock
  • Angel Fernandez, Lakeside, Texas: Tires for Sisyphus
  • Nicole Geary, San Antonio, Texas: (3 works) Foreign Matters,  Growth and The Philosopher’s Stone
  • Cliona Gunter, Austin, Texas: Things Are Slow To Emerge and Blue Red X Wound
  • Shelah Horvitz, Weld, Maine: (2 works) Ditch, Carthage and Obfuscation
  • Loc Huynh, Kyle, Texas: (2 works) Potato Salad and Heartbroken in Heart Burn City

  • Bethany Johnson, Austin, Texas: (2 works) We Live on a Planet: Untitled and We Live on a Planet: Untitled
  • Ling-lin Ku, Austin, Texas: (2 works) Teleperve and Trypophobia
  • Elizabeth Mead, Williamsburg, Virginia: Excerpt 10
  • James Pace, Tyler, Texas: jackrabbittrap
  • Jean Plough, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Totem
  • Greg Reuter, Corpus Christi, Texas: (2 works) Freedom-Loyalty Boat and Dreaming of Loyalty
  • Samara Rosen, Houston, Texas: (2 works) Spanning and Transition
  • Sarah Serio, Neosho, Missouri: The Lines on His Face Tell the Story of His Pain
  • Mark Smith, Johnson City, Texas: Washer and Text 7
  • Benjamin Sorrell, Corpus Christi, Texas: (3 works) CMY (Chaotic), Transubstantiation, and Other Peoples’ Eyes
  • Kenneth Szmagaj, Harrisonburg, Virginia: Keeper of the Flame
  • Rhonda  Urdang, Flagstaff, Arizona: (2 works) Veneration of Saint Lucia and After Empress Josephine (1804)
  • Donna Wolfe, Houston, Texas: Pit fired Antler Pot
  • Merrie Wright, Whitehouse, Texas: (2 works) Abstracted Landscape 002: After Wadsworth (This is Where I Live Series) and Abstracted Landscape 001: Ode to Potter Mark Pharis(This is Where I Live Series)

In the Gift Shop September 7 – October 12

New Work by Alex Mayfield

I am attending TAMUCC, receiving a minor in art. This is my first gallery show which I am honored to be chosen for. I began drawing at a young age finding it easier to express myself through art. I continued art classes through high school, which carried into college where I took Life Drawing. I found inspiration through, Jenny Saville, and how she explores the body and its many forms. Taking in this new representation and implementing it into my personal experiences inspired this show.

My artwork explores how emotions and moments effect self perception. Cycling through so many emotions during the day and how each time the person in the mirror and photos seems to be someone else. I use these moments to explore what I see and how it changes between minutes and days, conveying them in portraits. Each piece made with pencil and ink on plastic paper, creates an adaptable surface manipulated by each visit to the piece and each different moment. With an exploration into when someone is not at their best or not in the perfect pose, this exhibit is to inspire those who need it to interpret what they need from it. These works are the precursor to working in larger full body forms; interpreting myself in my own female perspective for myself.

Main Gallery: July 6 – August 24, 2018

Jimmy Peña: #OneHundredPortraitsinOneYear

Opening July 6, 5:30 to 9 pm. Artist Talk at 6:30 pm

#OneHundredPortraitsinOneYear is a project by Jimmy Peña. The artist began painting portraits of friends in May of 2017, setting out to complete each portrait within a 1-hour period. This fascinating exhibition, which includes portraits of celebrity art collector Cheech Marin and his wife, shows the progression and evolution of Peña’s painting practice over the course of the year.

Peña, a self-taught artist, has been a fixture in the Corpus Christi art scene for decades. Peña has exhibited his work throughout the United States and painted public murals in Junction City, Kansas, Gunnsburg, Germany, and several in Corpus Christi.  In 2009, he was featured in Texas Draws, a group exhibition at the Southwest School of Art & Craft in San Antonio, Texas.  Solo exhibitions of his work have been held at Red Bud Gallery, Houston, TX, Weil Gallery at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, and University of North Carolina at Pembroke. Pena’s artwork is featured in the book Triumph of Our Communities: Four Decades of Mexican American Art published by Bilingual Review Press (now available at K Space Contemporary).  He lives in Corpus Christi, Texas and has maintained a studio at K Space Art Studios since 1998.

In the Gift Shop August 3 – 31, 2018

Andy Villarreal: Indigenous Warriors and Rituals of Mesoamerica

Andy Villarreal, painting, K Space ContemporaryAndy’s background as a Texan and a Hispanic male help form his aesthetics. For the past twenty years the Mexican culture has been a major source of inspiration to him. The pride in Andy’s culture stimulates him with intense energy and enthusiasm to create his art. The Heartbeat of the culture is the root of what Villarreal’s work is about.

“I try to embrace and celebrate the richness of the culture and its achievements as well as the sadness of its demise. Indigenous people and deities from Yucatan interact in varying times and places in my art.”

Warriors, pyramids, jaguars, serpents, and slaves can be found performing various Mesoamerican rituals. Andy’s work crosses cultures and portrays the Human condition, social order, harmony, and struggles in the celebration of life. Figures can be found in real and contrived scenes to help narrate these concepts. The viewer is invited to experience and interpret these events and draw their own conclusions.

In the Gift Shop through July 27


Gerald Lopez, Artist, Painted Vintage Photos, K Space Contemporary

Gerald Lopez

Acrylic paintings and collages on antique photographs by Gerald Lopez in the Gift Shop. Opens for the June 1st, First Friday Artwalk, 5:30-9pm. Runs through July 27th.

Join us for ArtWalk Friday July 6th from 5:30 – 9pm.

Main Gallery May 18 through June 29, 2018


Barbra Riley’s recent relocation to central Texas is the major influence in the artwork she has made since living and working in the natural environment surrounding her.  In her series The Woods Journal,” Barbra Riley presents a poem about this change in her surroundings accompanied by dream-like photographs. The images weave through the lines of her poem emphasizing the small and beautiful discoveries that occur while wandering in the woods. From ephemeral cactus blossoms that rarely last more than a day, to layers of the transparent woods of winter, to fragile other-worldly ice sculptures made by common weeds, Riley captures the feeling of being outside and away from the tribulations of daily life.

In 2016, Riley retired after 38 years as a Professor of Art at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. In her Texas Hill Country studio, she works on digital prints, alternative processes and mixed media works. Riley’s photographs and paintings have been included in exhibitions at the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, D.C. and the Santa Barbara Museum of Art and the Laguna Beach Museum of Art in California. In Texas, she has exhibited at the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, the Houston Center for Photography, the Laguna Gloria Museum in Austin, the Abilene Fine Arts Museum and The Art Museum of South Texas, as well as dozens of universities, art galleries and alternative art exhibition spaces. Her work resides in numerous collections including the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, the Dallas Museum of Art, the Harry Ransom Center at UT Austin, Art Museum of South Texas and the AT&T Center in San Antonio.

Corner Spot May 18 – June 29:


Transmission of Power by Mars Woodhill, Syd Moen photographer, 2012

Born in Austin, Mars Woodhill now lives and works on a ranch in the Texas Hill Country. The artist creates bio geomorphic abstractions in sculpture and painting. As Woodhill states, her work “is a celebration of nature – both the living and nonliving systems – fostering a deeper human connection to the earth.” Her process mimics how nature forms and manifests striations, craters, boundaries, and even new life forms. Woodhill hopes her work will invite viewers to a closer view of earth’s interrelated systems, thereby promoting more sustainable stewardship of land, sea and air.

After obtaining her BA from Austin College with dual majors in History and Art (painting), Woodhill founded and operated a furniture and accessories company for 15 years based on her own designs. As a committed artist for the past 12 years, she has exhibited widely in Houston, throughout Texas, the Northeast and her work can be found in numerous private collections. As founder of the Texas Art House contemporary gallery, Woodhill curated solo and group exhibitions featuring renowned Texas artists, until returning to her studio work fulltime.

In the Schaudies Gallery May 18 – June 1


An exhibition by local artist Lori Edwards featuring

Lori Edwards Art, VivaCC, K Space Art, Schaudies Gallery, painting, sculpture, color

Lori Edwards

abstract works that transform the Schaudies Gallery into a colorful grotto. Paintings and sculptures merge into a site specific installation of art that is a continuation of “Emerge” displayed during Contemporary Art Month CC at the Janet Harte Public Library.

Local artist Lori Edwards is becoming known on the South Texas art scene for her flowing, fantastical sculptures and installations created from simple everyday materials. Prior to moving to Texas, Lori raised her son and earned 2 degrees in art. Since joining the Corpus Christi art community, she has participated in many exhibitions, assisted and lead Art Camps, and designed and organized a community mural painted with the help of 1000 people at the Dia de los Muertos Festival 2018. The mural now graces the facade of Chicas Rock on the South side of Corpus Christi.

For more information: https://www.facebook.com/events/1221224511352559/

Main Gallery: March 2 through April 27, 2018


Leticia Bajuyo, DiscArt, K Space Contemporary

CD Sculpture Workshops: 10 am – 4 pm, March 15, 16, 17:  FREE, Come-and-Go attendance. Take part in the evolution of this exhibition!

Edge Friction by Leticia Bajuyo is a site-specific installation of large-scale, interactive walls, ceilings, horns and tubes made primarily of CD’s and DVD’s. The memory discs are woven together to create a CD “fabric,” which is attached to aluminum or wooden frames to form various shapes. The shimmering structures are suspended from the ceiling, attached to false walls and wheels, or simply hung on the wall.  Interactive audio elements and computer controlled lights heighten the experience. Bajuyo will present gallery talks and workshops throughout the run of the show. Edge Friction will evolve into a new shape to be unveiled during ArtWalk on April 6th.

Bajuyo is Assistant Professor of Sculpture at Texas A&M – Corpus Christi, Texas.  Recent projects by Bajuyo include a permanent, ceiling suspended sculpture in the main corridor between the galleries of the South Bend Museum of Art in South Bend, Indiana; a sixty-foot long sculptural wall in the entrance to the Indiana State Museum in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana; and a skylight installation at the International Airport in Nashville Tennessee.

March 2 – 30, 2018

Barbara Tharas, ArtCC, KSpaceContemporary

In the Gift Shop


Barbara Lane Tharas identifies universal human conditions that are sources of undeserved shame. She then deprecates such sources so that they become psychologically manageable. Tharas empowers her viewer with humor, encouraging one to find freedom, self-actualization, and personal progress in shamelessness.

Sunstroke, PaytonKoranek, LarsRoeder, KSpace, ArtStudios, ArtCCIn the Schaudies Gallery


The Schaudies Gallery is proud to exhibit new work by Payton Koranek and Lars Roeder, March 2nd-25th!

Inspired by travels through the American Southwest, “Sunstroke” combines works of ceramics and relief printmaking to create an enveloping installation and impart a sense of light and space reminiscent of the desert region. Saguaro cacti, the dominant subject matter, are both a symbol of the region’s cultural identity and the foundation of the desert ecosystem. They are used in this instance to depict the relationship between their global influence as a cultural icon and the reality of their crucial role in a fragile environment.

 painting, "Vase" by Lauren Moya Ford, loosely rendered, colorful, striped vase with black background

Main Gallery: January 5 through February 22, 2018


A ship, a vase, a vein- a vessel is something that contains or carries. In videos based on photographs and paintings based on ceramics, Lauren Moya Ford explores media as a vessel for other materials and far away places. This exhibition draws from her experiences living abroad to reflect on the form of memory and the memory of form. The works in Vessel center on botanical life and folkloric pottery as elements that are shaped by human activity, and that change through space and time. In layers of images, told stories, and touched surfaces, the artist’s hand is depicted or suggested as a vessel that contains and carries its own history.

Lauren Moya Ford (Boca Ratón, 1986) is an artist and writer based in Madrid, Spain. She graduated with a BA in Spanish and a BFA in Studio Art from the University of Texas and completed her MFA in Painting at the University of Houston in 2014. Recent awards include the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Center Fellowship for Interdisciplinary Art and the Frank Freed Travel Grant for research in Mexico City. She has participated in performances and exhibitions at The Menil Collection, the Museum of Fine Arts Houston Hirsch Library, and Temple University. Her essays have been published in exhibition catalogs at the Municipal Museum of Lalín, Spain and the University of Coimbra, Portugal, and her artists books have been published by The Center for Imaginative Cartography and Research and Paratext Press.

In the Gift Shop February 2 – 23:

Lars Roeder: Art for Gift Shops
The history of etching and engraving is steeped in the intent to produce, reproduce and distribute massive quantities of art throughout an image-hungry populace. From the Encyclopédie, to illustrations of classical masterworks to early French pornographers, the intaglio process has fulfilled the visual demands of society for hundreds of years.

Now, in the K Space Gift Shop, Lars Roeder presents some fiercely palatable etchings for your devoted consumption. These works feature imagery steeped in the canons of art-historical subject matter and are available at a variety of price points to appeal to a wide range of incomes. They are perfect for display in your home or office. Be the envy of your art-appreciating colleagues, take one home today. 

KSpaceArtStudios, GroundhogShow

Schaudies Gallery (3rd Floor) Feb. 2 – 17, 2018

Groundhog Day is for Lovers

Happy New Year Art Lovers,
The K Space Art Studios are proud to present our first exhibition of 2018 in the Schaudies Gallery (3rd floor): “Groundhog Day is for Lovers”. Opening on February 2nd (Groundhog Day), 5:30-9pm, for the First Friday Artwalk. “Groundhog Day is for Lovers” is a lighthearted look at the Groundhog Day and Valentine’s Day phenomenon. Featuring a variety of fantastic local artists, with plenty of heart and soul, these surreal, sweet, sexy and perhaps even a little bit naughty artworks will be sure to get the heart racing. A portion of the show will also feature artist altered and handmade Valentine’s Day cards for sale with all proceeds going to the K Space Art Studios to keep our heart pumping to bring you more great art exhibitions, so show us some love! Doesn’t matter what your relationship status is, “Groundhog Day is for Lovers” is for all art lovers!! We’d sure love to see you there!

Landon Smith, Corpus Christi Camera's Rebel Photographer of the Year 2017, Texas, K space Contemporary

In the Gift Shop January 5 – 26:



In October 2017, local camera store Corpus Christi Camera challenged the Coastal Bend photographic community to a live, 3-day photo contest using only models of the Canon Rebel camera as their tools. The Rebel is one of the world’s most beloved entry-level DSLR cameras and widely used by beginner photographers to learn the art. The purpose of this annual competition was to bring of our passionate aspiring photographers into the spotlight.

We are proud to introduce our winner Landon Smith, a Fort Worth native and student at Texas A&M University Corpus Christi. Taught photography by his grandfather at an early age, Smith bought his first camera at age 14, still shoots with it today, and collects antique cameras.

Smith focuses his work on black-and-white images and one-point perspective to provide unique looks into architecture and nature.