Current Exhibitions

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Main Gallery June 7 – July 26, 2019

Bound to Pop: Veronica Jaeger

Opening Reception: Friday, June 7, 6 to 9 pm

Jaeger explores the concept of impermanence by using bubbles as metaphorical interpretations of life. Through depictions of imaginary whimsical scenarios and figurative characters, she incorporates bits and pieces from nature, human physiology, childhood memories, metaphysics, and beliefs. The ongoing exploration and expression of these random elements, have given form to a unique symbolic language intended to contrast realities and show glimpses of the interconnectedness of the whole.

Veronica Jaeger is a Venezuelan-born artist living in the US since the year 2000. Her work has been widely recognized in solo and group exhibitions nationally and abroad with the inclusion of awards, grants, and publications. She earned a master’s degree in studio painting from the University of Texas-RGV where she currently teaches as a part-time instructor. She maintains a studio practice in Mission, TX.

In the Gift Shop June 7 – 28

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Jalyn Casarez: Warped & Knotted

June 7, 6 to 9 pm: Reception with ArtWalk

Jalyn Casarez has been making a name for herself the past few years as a fiber artist. Born and raised in Corpus Christi, she started weaving on a loom, then picked up macramé and dyeing items, thread and fabric with natural pigments along the way. She often incorporates branches, plants and other natural materials into her works. Nature is an important element in her work, because it is where we are all rooted and it plays a huge part in her family’s day to day living. Jalyn has had several successful exhibitions and workshops in the Corpus Christi area. She will be featured in an upcoming episode of Texas Country Reporter.

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In the Gift Shop July 5 – 26

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Loring Baker: emotion face

It seems that we as human beings exist in the space between internal infinity and external infinity. If so, then our bodies are the actual line between the two. If we are the line, the mark, the one moment between the two, I aim to make drawings that are of that line, that speak of the in between,,,, the place where this odd human experience exists. 

Loring Baker lives and works in Corpus Christi, Tx.  @loringbaker 

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Main Gallery May 3 – 31, 2019

Members Only

Opening Reception with ArtWalk: May 3, 6 to 9 pm

K Space Contemporary is excited to announce the following works of art selected for exhibition in the 2019 Members Only exhibition.

Shows such as this introduce us to artists that we weren’t previously aware of, as well as give us the opportunity to work with those we know well. The resulting exhibition is a well-rounded exhibition of contemporary art from the Texas Coastal Bend.

Please join us for the opening reception on May 3, 6:00 to 9:00 pm (during ArtWalk). Awards will be presented at 7 pm.  Feel free to share the Facebook event with your friends and contacts. 

Listed below are the 56 works of art selected for exhibition. Congratulations to the selected artists!

  • Tony Armadillo, “Sirena del Mar”
  • David Armbruster, “Golden Fleece”
  • Jennifer Arnold, “Fringe Sweater”
  • Jennifer Arnold, “Blue Jeans”
  • Meg Aubrey, “Livingroom # 6”
  • Mark Aubrey, “Security”
  • Loring Baker, “Our Thoughts are Shapes, and in this Moment Exist Millions, (Again)”
  • Loring Baker, “Holy Fuck”
  • Silas Breaux “Construct # 2”
  • Silas Breaux, “Excavation # 46”
  • Amy Burkart, Ramirez, “Freshly Faked”
  • Robert Bustamante, “Spiritual Icon Cross”
  • Rosemary Cantu, “La Frida”
  • Michael Casarez, “Killing Moon”
  • Jalyn Casarez, “Ultra Violet”
  • Jalyn Casarez, “Handspun Color Study”Eric Cuevas, “Dress Rehearsal”
  • Kerstin Dale, “Alsek Lake # 5, Alaska”
  • Jesus De la Rosa, “#17”
  • Jesus De la Rosa, “#03”
  • Karen Dellinger, “There is Always Light After the Storm”
  • Paul Dodson, “ARD NYC 2015”
  • Crystal Farris, “Untitled”
  • Phyilis Finley, “Shell I”
  • Amorette V. Garza, “Tchotchke (baby, mama)”
  • Jenifer Hartsfield, “Unfolding”
  • David Hill, “To-Go Box”
  • Lynda Jones, “Bam/Pow”
  • Lynda Jones, “Planet”
  • Kylie Justus, “Anticipation”
  • Dennis Kemmerer, Untitled Carrier
  • Dennis Kemmerer, Untitled Carrier
  • JinSun Kim, “Internal II”
  • Tony Magar, “Raven King”
  • Joe Peña , “Late Night Visitor”
  • Joe Peña , “11:00 pm, South Texas Stand”
  • Angela Resendez, “Altered Reality”
  • Barbra Riley, “Camo”
  • Lars Roeder, “Adrift:  Getting Carried Away”
  • Kelly Schaub, “I” of the Beholder
  • Kelly Schaub, “Stand/Walk”
  • Kevin Schuster, “Water Garden 009”
  • Kevin Schuster, “Water Garden 014”
  • Becky Smith, “War Doesn’t Discriminate”
  • Sarah L. Spalding, “Whatever”
  • Jamie Speck, “Tea Bag”
  • Sean Thornton “When Bears Riot”
  • Carlos Villarreal, “Black Male, White Honda”
  • Carlos Villarreal, “The Devine”
  • Diane Wiener, “Red Red Sunrise”
  • Diane Wiener, “Presence”
  • Don Wiener, “Gypsy Jazz”
  • Carolyn T. Young, “Inferno”
  • Carolyn T. Young, “Le Demi Toilette”
  • Mayra Zamora, “Viva La Vida”