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Jenifer Hartsfield

July 3rd – August 21st , 2020

Resistance is the Secret of Joy

Resistance is the Secret of Joy*

This mixed-media exhibit of drawings, assemblage, and handmade books is sourced in the human impulse and desire to express, to grow, and to thereby come to know itself as a part of the larger creation of life.  These works are fueled by the felt tensions and energetic forces which are universally experienced as oppositional or contradictions, such as push/pull, dark/light, open/close, is/is not, I can/I cannot, and I will/I will not.

My teacher once said, “Art is a little laboratory for life.”  My personal laboratory is like a book, as in my poem:

“book of pages, space between.

           eye which sees and eye unseen.”

The “space between” is the creative space where forces of contradiction and two “eyes” (seeing and not seeing) energize and interact.  This dynamic fuels the process of creation, driving it to form itself in co-creation with a particular human being and medium, becoming part of the material world.  Such forms are sometimes called art.

So, my secret of joy is working in my laboratory, interacting with the resistances of contradictions and media, and making forms.  In this way, I come to know myself better and enjoy participating in the larger creation of life.  For, as artist Ruth Nanda Anshen writes, “…the last end of every maker is himself.”

                                                                                               *Alice Walker

Jenifer Hartsfield