K Space Contemporary is concerned for the well-being of our members and customers in this time of uncertainty. Therefore, in adherence to COVID-19 guidelines and crowd restrictions, we’ve changed the 2020 Members Only Exhibition to an ONLINE EXHIBITION.  

The online exhibition will be on our website with a direct link from the Home page. In addition, each accepted work of art will be posted on our social media pages with the artist’s name, title of work, price and a brief statement or bio from the artist. The exhibition will roll out for a 4-5 week period with 4-5 works of art posted each day. The posts will be shared on the K Space Contemporary Instagram page, K Space Contemporary business page, and K Space Contemporary group page.

IF COVID-19 restrictions are lifted by May 15th, we will ask you to bring your work into the gallery and we will install it for the June 5th ArtWalk.



  • April 25, 10 pm: Entry Deadline (Extended!) – Images of submitted works of art must be posted in the Call for Entries – 2020 Members Only Facebook Event (link), or emailed to with “Members Only Entry” in the Subject Line.
  • April 26 – 29: K Space Exhibition Committee will Jury the Exhibition
  • May 1: Selected works posted on, Online Exhibition Opens and will remain indefinitely.
  • May 1 – June 12: Works selected for Members Only will be posted to K Space Contemporary’s Instagram and Facebook pages.  


Members Only is a juried, non-thematic exhibition of new works of art by current members of K Space Contemporary.

No Entry Fee – must be (or become) a member of K Space Contemporary (KSC) to participate. Join online at, or visit K Space Contemporary at 623 N. Chaparral St.  Student/Senior Memberships are $20, Individual Memberships are $35. We will email/DM the link to join or renew membership to anyone who submits entries without a current membership. If your membership is not up to date by midnight Aprl 25th, your works will not be considered for the exhibition.

Eligibility: Must be or become a member of K Space Contemporary. Works previously exhibited at K Space Contemporary or K Space Art Studios – Schaudies Gallery are not eligible. Entries must be original works of art completed within the last 2 years. Failure to comply with the following submission guidelines may disqualify your entry.

Jurors: K Space Contemporary Exhibition Committee of professional artists and college art instructors: Jennifer Arnold (TAMUCC), Meg Aubrey (TAMUCC), Eric Cuevas (TAMUCC MFA Candidate), Kerstin Dale (Del Mar College), Payton Koranek (TAMUCC MFA Candidate), Gerald Lopez (Preparator, AMST), Jimmy Pena (Artist), Lars Roeder (TAMUCC), Greg Reuter (retired-TAMUCC), Day Wheeler (retired CCISD, Del Mar College)

Number of Works & Format: Each Artist may submit 1-2 works. Members Only will be juried from images posted to the Facebook Event or emailed. Details for ways to submit your work:

  1. Enter on Facebook: Post pictures of artwork to Call for Entries – 2020 Members Only Facebook Event.  Put both images in one post.  In the image “Description”: include Artist’s name, Title of artwork, media, retail price.  OR
  2. Enter by Email: Put “Members Only Entry” in the Subject Line. Attach the image files that you want to submit. Type the File name, Artist’s name, Title of artwork, media, retail price for each work of art attached. Email to  Emailed Entries that do not have “Members Only Entry” in the subject line will not be juried.

Media: All visual art media accepted. Artists must be available to install complicated works. Artists must exhibit original works of art; we do not exhibit reproductions such as giclee/inkjet prints, high-quality copies or offset lithograph prints. Video works will be exhibited on a 42” television via thumb drive unless the artist provides alternate means. 

Size Limitation: Two-dimensional works must not exceed 4 feet in either direction.  Three-dimensional works must fit through a 36”x 83” doorway and be manageable by two people. 

Awards: Best of Show winner will receive a solo exhibition in 2021. Additional awards will be given for 2nd and 3rd Places and Honorable Mentions. 

Sales: All works must be For Sale. KSC collects payment and retains 40% commission. INCLUDE GALLERY COMMISSION when pricing your work.

Selected Works:  25-35 works of art will be selected for exhibition by KSC’s Exhibition Committee. Selections will be posted in the Members Only Facebook Event and on

Promotion & Use of Images: Submitting images of your works of art gives K Space Contemporary permission to use your work(s) of art in the online exhibition and promotion for the exhibition (website, social media, print materials).  Artists maintain copyright of all works selected for the exhibition. Artists are credited for works used in promotional materials where possible.

The Following Information applies only if there is a physical exhibition:

Delivery:  K Space will email delivery instructions if COVID-19 restrictions are lifted by May 15th.

Label: Each work of art must arrive with labeling securely attached to the back of frame or bottom of sculpture. Label must include name, email address, phone number, title, media, date, retail price.

Hand-Deliver Entries to: K Space Contemporary, 623 N. Chaparral Street, Corpus Christi, Texas 78401 by the posted deadline. Register each submitted work of art on the Members Only Sign-In Sheet when you deliver your artwork.

Framing Requirements: 2-Dimensional works must be properly prepared for exhibition with wire securely attached. Works on paper and works on canvas boards must be framed. Use simple/plain-edged, neutral colored frames and only white, off-white or black mats. Unframed paintings must be painted around the edges in solid black, white or grey or with continued image. We will not accept: wet paint, clamp/clip/poster frames, fragile frames, colored mats, or thick, bulky, decorative frames.

Insurance: Works are not insured while on display, however, the gallery is climate controlled and protected by an alarm system. Our experienced staff and installers take precautions to protect the artwork at all times. We recommend that you insure your work if you so choose.

Abandoned Works: Works left at K Space Contemporary 60 days after the last day of the exhibition are considered ABANDONED. Abandoned works become the property of K Space Contemporary and will be disposed of, sold, or given away with no compensation to the artist.