K Space Mural_Connections

Connections at K Space Contemporary

Located at 415 Starr St on the side of K Contemporary in downtown Corpus Christi, Texas. Painted by the 2019 Summer Mural Arts Program for teens, Downtown location. Design by Instructors, Tony Armadilla and Sandra Gonzalez.


“Alebrijes de Corpus Christi” at La Playa by the Bay Restaurant

Located at 227 N. Water Street on the railing around the patio in downtown Corpus Christi, Texas. Painted by the 2018 Summer Mural Arts Program for teens, Downtown location. Design by Instructor, Sandra Gonzales and Teaching Assistant, Katherine Holmes.


“Greetings from La Palmera” and “Be You” at La Palmera Mall — 2nd Floor Parking Garage Entry

Painted by the 2018 Summer Mural Arts Program for teens, La Palmera Mall Location. Design by instructors Monica Marie Garcia and Mayra Zamora.

“Rock On” at Chicas Rock

Community Mural created during the 2017 Dia de los Muertos Festival and sponsored by Navy Army Community Credit Union. Designer and community painting supervisor Lori Edwards. Installed in February 2018 at the Chicas Rock All Girls After-school Music Program, 4722 Holly Rd, Corpus Christi, TX 78411.

GROW Local – Tom Graham Learning Garden

Through our Art in the Garden outreach project, we have created several paintings and signs with the involvement of the families and children who participate. The tool shed was completed in 2017. Designers: Lori Edwards and Katherine Holmes.

“Take Flight: The Future Awaits”

Eleven 8 foot by 6 foot panels painted by the 2017 K Space Contemporary Mural Arts Program for Teens. Designers: Cheryl Votzmeyer and Sandra Gonzalez. Located on the top level of Stonewater Properties’ 901 N. Mesquite St. Parking Garage in Downtown Corpus Christi. Viewable from Upper Broadway St., a nearby high rise building, or helicopter!

Black Tie Roses – I 37 at Chaparral

This our first mural that we painted with our Summer Mural Arts Campers in 2016. Designers: Cheryl Votzmeyer, Robin Reames, Sandra Gonzalez, Mayra Zamora.

“Loteria Corpus Christi” – 617 N. Chaparral St.

Completed in October 2015, Loteria features works by 50 South Texas artists. This project was made possible through funding from the National Endowment for the Arts and Hot Funds Grant money distributed by the City of Corpus Christi-Parks and Recreation Department, Arts and Cultural Commission. Merchandise and a Loteria Corpus Christi game featuring the paintings in this mural are available in the K Space Contemporary Gift Shop.

“Dia de los Muertos”

Located in the stairwell alcove at Starr and N. Lower Broadway Streets. This mural designed by Ricardo Ruiz was completed in 2011 and dedicated at the 2011 Dia de los Muertos Festival. Painters who also worked on the project include Day Wheeler, Gerald Lopez, and Jimmy Pena.

“Aquatic Center” at La Retama Park

Painted in 2010 by the K Space Contemporary Summer Art Camp led by Patrick Richards and Michelle Smythe.

Lichtenstein Building Murals

In preparation for the Corpus Christi International Boat Show, K Space artists painted four murals on the vacant Lichtenstein Building. The murals no longer exist as the building was recently renovated to create the beautiful Cosmopolitan apartments.