Spectacular Salon 2019

The Spectacular Salon is a giant art show and sale held in conjunction with our TREE-MENDOUS TRIMMINGS Holiday Ornament Show. Both exhibitions open with ArtWalk on Friday December 6th.  Spectacular Salon is a great opportunity to show off your work – especially at gift-giving time.  Our holiday show has traditionally been one of our most well-attended events with over 500 guests. We expect another great crowd.

Spectacular Salon Basics:  artists rent space on the wall in our main gallery and display everything that will fit within that space.  The result is a floor to ceiling Art Extravaganza!

Spectacular Salon is a show of high quality FINE ART.  To keep the quality up, artists are required to “apply” to participate. 

Please read “Guidelines” below before you apply.


To Apply:   We are accepting applications now through November 29.  Send 3 images of your work or send a link to a website that has images of your artwork to info@kspacecontemporary.org.   We will reply as soon as possible.

  • $35 Rental Rate ($25 for supporting & studio members)
  • FINE ART MEDIA ONLY – Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Photography, Sculpture, Ceramics, and Mixed Media.  You are renting wall or pedestal space, not a booth space – all works will be displayed on the wall or on pedestals.  Artists are not allowed to set up tables or shelving.
  • Wall space is appx. 100 square feet: 7-8 ft. wide by 12 ft. high or on our movable walls which measure 7-8 ft tall by 10-12 ft. wide.
  • Install your own work:  Dec 4th – 5th, 11 am to 5 pm.  Bring your own hangers/nails, hammer, measuring tape.  You may borrow our ladder(s).
  • 2 artists may share one space.  Both must apply.
  • The main event is Friday, Dec. 6 in conjunction with ArtWalk 5:30 to 9 pm.  Artists are encouraged to be present.
  • LABEL each work with your name, title, media, dimensions and retail price. (A business card with title, price, etc. works too).  Label must be securely attached to each work.
  • List of Works: provide a list of the works in your display.  The list should have your name and email address at the top and a numbered list of works including titles, dimensions and retail prices for each work of art. Leave a copy of the list with K space Contemporary once you are finished hanging your work.
  • If artist is available to make his/her own sales transactions during ArtWalk, no gallery commission will be charged.
  • 25% commission will be deducted from works sold by K Space Contemporary:  this means any sale that is made across the K Space front desk (through the K Space credit card machine or cash register) and works sold when artist is not present to make transactions.  (our usual commission is 40%)
  • Works will be on display through Friday, Dec. 20.
  • Pick up artwork on Saturday Dec. 21, 11 am to 3pm.  It is important that you pick up your work on Dec. 21 because we will be closed Dec. 22 – Jan. 2 , 2020