Upcoming Exhibitions

Texas Sculpture, From a Distance and Back, K Space Contemporary, Kopriva, Reuter, Dyrhaug, Barber, Omari, Chadbourne, Gerald Lopez, Sherry Owens, Molzberger

Main Gallery March 1 through April 19, 2019


Reception for the Artists: Friday, March 1, 6 to 9 pm

From A Distance and Back features works of art by nine renowned Texas artists, including Robbie Barber, Danville Chadbourne, Kurt Dyrhaug, Sharon Kopriva, Gerald Lopez, Hans Molzberger, Mari Omori, Sherry Owens and Greg Reuter. This opening reception kicks off Contemporary Art Month-CC during ArtWalk.

Germany, Summer 2017: Nine Texas artists assemble in the medieval town of Salzwedel at the Mönchskirche, a 13th century former monastery church in the northern province of Sachsen-Anhalt, for From A Distance, an exhibition of Texas-based artists associated over several years with Atelierhaus Hilmsen, an artist residency located in the nearby rural hamlet of Hilmsen.

Selected by Houston-based curator, impresario, and Atelierhaus Hilmsen Board Member Gus Kopriva, along with Director Hans Molzberger, the show featured some of the leading artists in Texas who had worked at Atelierhaus Hilmsen at various points in recent years. Assembled in Germany for the first time all together, most of these artists were already friends and colleages. But working and living together in a shared space creates a heightened connection, a different dynamic. The exhibtion consisted of works created at the residency or influenced by past experiences there. Assembled in the humbly majestic Mönchskirche, one of the City of Salzwedel’s premier exhibition and concert venues, it was a beautiful experience.

Back in Texas, the friendships and artistic give-and-take continue. Drawing on the camaraderie, aesthetic dialogue, and visual strength of the original exhibition, the artists are together again for another round in From a Distance and Back, presented by K Space Contemporary.

Reflecting the influence of the rural German environment and the shared workspaces, conversations, and experiences of the residency, From a Distance and Back features some of the original works, plus new or related ones that reveal the subtleties of each artist’s vision. Drawing on the textures, materials, and aesthetics of the experience in Germany, these works draw equally on the shared context of home, with each artist internalizing a myriad of influences refined into a distinct, individual vision unique to their perceptions. The result is an engaging exhibition of works shaped by distinct regional and ethnic backgrounds, and ongoing friendships forged in Texas, tempered in Germany, and echoing through the distance.
Diana Lyn Roberts
Atelieraus Hilmsen Resident
Summer 2016 and 2017

In the Gift Shop March 1 – 29, 2019

March 1, 6 to 9 pm: Reception with ArtWalk

Unit 1 – First Car by Clay Reuter

Excavation – Clay Reuter

K Space Contemporary is proud to present the mixed media works of Clay Reuter as our Contemporary Art Month-CC Gift Shop exhibition. Clay possesses a unique aesthetic that shows a curiosity for materials of all kinds and presents them to us in a way that is new and thoughtful.

“Layers of cardboard form the stratigraphy of a storage closet. Various artifacts hide buried within these corrugated boxes. Ranging from sacred to mundane, these items spark memories of childhood and past relationships. Connections, meaning, and mystery arise from each discovered item. Excavation  applies archaeological methodology to the common practice of cleaning out a closet full of cardboard boxes.” — Clay Reuter

In the Schaudies Gallery March 1, 6 to 9 pm

K Space Art Studios is proud to present for the March First Friday Artwalk and Contemporary Art Month, “Symbiosis” by painter, Katarina Janeckova Walshe. This exciting exhibition in the Schaudies Gallery (3rd floor) will mark Katarina’s debut to the Corpus Christi art scene after having extensively shown her artwork around Europe in recent years.

Katarina, who hails from Slovakia, has lived and worked in Texas for the past 5 years and says she paints what she lives and understands. She has worked through the many struggles of missing Europe and her old way of life until she has now found her happy place in her new home. “…and here I am now, painting cowboys and boots, admiring Texas traditions and embracing the culture. Listening to country music or stories of the old cowboys when we go to the ranch, tickle my imagination.” Katarina’s paintings can be described as expressive, surreal and erotic. The experience of recently having her first baby has been a strong influence on Katarina and has permeated her work instantly.

Katarina’s interest has been sparked presently, with the reality of coexisting with each other, in peace or despair. In symbiosis (interaction between two different organisms living in close physical association, typically to the advantage of both). “Baby-career, husband-wife, women-men, household chores-painting, Europe-Texas, humans-planet, politics, desire vs. rational thinking. “For me it’s about everyday work with what I’ve got and figuring out ways of how to make it work. That’s where painting helps me the most.”